66 Days of Silence: VP Harris STILL Hasn’t Visited the Border nor Held News Conference

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May 28 marks the 66th day that Kamala Harris has neither visited the border nor conducted a news conference related to her border duties; these border duties were given to Harris back in March. 

It can be noted that before the election, then-Senator Harris penned a letter about the border issue. In the letter signed with her fellow Democrats, they accused Trump of violating the law when the former administration took steps to close the Mexico border, citing the pandemic. 

However, now that she is sitting as the vice president, Harris stayed silent. She neither visited the border, nor gathered the media to talk about her supposed role in addressing the border crisis. 

Friday marks her 66th day of silence. Harris’ main activity on this day was delivering a commencement speech at the U.S. Naval Academy in Maryland. In her speech, she touched on issues relating to solar energy, cybersecurity, and COVID-19…but she made no mention of the border crisis. 

Texas Gov. Abbott Continues to Hold Biden-Harris Responsible for the Migrant Surge

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While the mainstream media downplays the overwhelming crisis at the border, Texas Governor Greg Abbott called out the Biden-Harris administration. He has consistently held the current administration accountable for what is happening at the border. 

On Friday, the Republican governor of the border state proceeded to slam Biden-Harris for the ongoing migrant crisis at the U.S. Mexico border. 

During his interview with Fox News, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott raised another concerning issue: there is a recent spike in fentanyl trafficking in Texas.

The governor also attributes the rising crime rate to the White House. According to him, the White House kept being “tone deaf,” as well as unresponsive to the border crisis. 

Gov. Abbott: The Open Border is Bringing Fentanyl In

The Republican governor also alleged that the Biden administration’s “open-border” move is what brought the fentanyl in. 

Abbott stated that he is angry. He also noted that, more importantly, Texas has ranchers, farmers, and residents that are extremely angry about what is going on. 

The governor continued to mention that the ongoing border situation, as of the moment, is “far more dire” and threatening than it has ever been. He said this is caused by the number of people crossing the border, as well as how drug cartels are operating at the border. The Texas governor added that Texas people all across the state are already fed up with it. 

Abbott then added that Biden and his administration are not getting things done.

In recent months, seizures of powerful opioids also soared.

The Republican governor cited the border policies of the Biden administration as the reason for the rising drug trafficking. According to him, it increased dramatically over the past four months of the year 2021.