New TikTok Challenge Will Land People in Jail

Police across the United States are warning against the dangerous TikTok challenge that is sweeping amongst teens.

The Orbeez challenge is dangerous to the extent it can create havoc at any place.

New TikTok Challenge is Creating Unrest in America

As per the newly viral TikTok challenge, a person has to use gel ball guns to shoot Orbeez circular water gel beads on other people.

While Orbeez is generally soft, they can leave the receiver injured, more often than not, when they are fired with guns. Civil society, which is at the receiving end, is now talking about the dangers of the viral challenge as well.

For instance, a social media user named Joe Williams stated he would never let his children play in the street with toy guns, as they are killing people.

Police in southern states even claimed they will bring criminal charges to people who were found hurting others while pursuing this challenge. Reportedly, many teens have already been arrested since this challenge went viral.

An unidentified woman even told the police that a group of unknown kids attacked her; she ran in panic for her life unknowingly whether the guns were real or not.


As the challenge includes attacking strangers as well, this is worrying police the most. Many people have been found injured after getting hit by random toy guns in the streets.

The Peachtree City Police Department warned parents who allow their kids to use these guns can be prosecuted.

Criminal Cases can Destroy Kids’ Future

Even though the issue came into the limelight after several reported injuries, the company spinmaster who makes these Orbeez has not addressed the situation yet.

They are still advertising an Orbeez challenge activity kit in a bid to amass money. According to the company, they are providing high-quality toys to children for educational and creative purposes.

The news has shown these children could be using these gadgets to pursue creativity and entertainment, but the likelihood of them attacking others is still high.

In Florida, a man shot Orbeez with an electric rifle in an occupied vehicle, so the police charged him.

A police captain in Winter Garden, Florida, Scott Allen, noted kids are violating the law even though they think they are being funny.

So, any criminal charge could end up destroying the future of the kids, the police officer noted. As per the reports, these Orbeez are so dangerous they can end up breaking the skin and entering the body.

Since the hashtag #OrbeezChallenge went viral on TikTok, police have had busy days.

While there are a lot of videos of kids playing and completing this challenge, a significant number of violent incidents made police discourage this challenge.