A Week Full of Biden’s Gaffe

President Biden messed up his first Asia trip; he called his new South Korean counterpart, Yoon Suk-yeol, by his predecessor’s name.

Biden has been in complete chaos this week as he intermixed multiple names on different avenues.

A Week Full of Gaffes for Biden

During his visit to a Samsung microchip facility, Biden had to thank the President of South Korea Yoon Suk-yeol.

However, he stated he was thankful to “President Moon.”

Moon Jae-in is the former president of the country who recently left after serving five years in office. As Biden noted his mistake, he immediately corrected the name.

This episode marks the latest gaffe in Biden’s troubled presidential tenure in which he struggled multiple times to express what he wanted.

As Biden turns 80 this year, there are rising speculations in the United States about the declining mental capabilities of the president.

This week, Biden struggled multiple times while naming different names. On Monday, he wanted to thank Aaron Salter, who was the hero of the Buffalo mass shooting.

He was a store guard who lost his life while stopping the assault. Instead of calling him “Salter,” Biden called him “Slater.”

One day later, on Tuesday, the president was unable to speak “AANHPI,” a term used to refer to the people of Asian and Pacific Islanders.

While stuttering during the event, Biden was seen saying, “AAN- — NH — PI —.”

Likewise, on Thursday, he could not pronounce the last name of Swedish Prime Minister Magdalena Andersson while he was discussing Sweden and Finland’s applications to join the military alliance of NATO.

Biden has often claimed his gaffes are due to his childhood stuttering habit.

The president told teachers last month in the White House that he practiced his draft speeches to ensure the proper delivery without succumbing to his childhood habit. 

Biden also compared his stuttering with British King George VI’s speaking problem, which is shown in a 2010 film.

He indicated anyone who compares his speech with George VI’s speech would see that both of them delivered words in the same way.

Furthermore, he also acknowledged there are a lot of “slash marks” in his speech. 

“Sleepy Joe,” the Talking Point of the Overseas World

These irregular patterns of Biden’s speeches have earned him the title “Sleepy Joe.”

This perception is now also prevailing overseas. Last month, a Saudi Arabia TV station aired a comedy program in which Biden was seen mixing up different names and sleeping.

As he crosses 80, there are rising concerns about Biden’s ability to run for another presidential term.

Many analysts believe even if Biden thinks he is the best candidate, he would not be able to conduct the labor-intensive presidential campaign a candidate has to go through.

Thus, a weak campaign can give an upper hand to Republicans, who will be able to exploit Biden’s poor campaigning practices, alongside the failure of the incumbent government.