Accused Killer of Officers and Police K-9 Found Dead

The Department of Police Pikeville newly released a statement providing information to the public about the death of a 50-year-old man named Lance Storz. He was charged with killing a deputy and two police officers in Kentucky back in June 2021.

According to the statement released by authorities, Storz was discovered unresponsive inside the detention center at Pike County on the morning of Tuesday at around 6:30 am EST.

Investigation Launched into Inmate’s Death Detention Center

The Police Department of Pikeville released a recent statement, declaring Storz was taken to the Medical Center in Pikeville after being found unconscious.

According to reports, the inmate was pronounced dead on arrival. Jail records found online likewise confirmed that Storz is no longer in the records.

On Tuesday this week, during a phone call with a news outlet, Counsel Brent Turner for Floyd County, stated the preliminary information is that Storz was discovered in the bathroom unresponsive.

Although the detailed autopsy report is still underway, it is suspected that Storz might have committed self-harm, which ultimately led to his death.

The Police of the Pikeville Center, as well as the office of the coroner, is still conducting an investigation into the reason for Storz’s death.

Gunman Kills Three Kentucky Officers, K-9 in Hourslong Shooting Spree

Storz was detained after he committed an hours-long shooting in Kentucky, which led to the death of three police officers and a police K-9. On top of this, there were also several other police officers who were injured as a result of the shooting incident.

The law enforcement officials at the scene were serving a warrant relating to a domestic violence report. As they were doing that, this is when Storz started firing at the officers with a high-powered rifle.

According to Sheriff John Hunt of Floyd County, the officers “encountered hell” as soon as they arrived at the scene.

They were not given any chance, he added. It was also reported that the deputies did not even have any contact with Storz when the firing started.

The sheriff likewise mentioned that Storz seemed to have a well-planned execution for the incident and it took hours before the officers figured out where the bullets were being fired from.

The news conference conducted after the incident revealed that Storz had a significant amount of ammunition.

Also, he was wearing an armor vest when the firing started. The sheriff likewise called the gunman a “terrorist” and mentioned he was a “sheer” criminal who was acting on a mission he set for himself.

Storz was supposed to appear at a court hearing scheduled on March 23. The hearing was supposed to be the first time he would appear in court since he was indicted for the crime.