After Sexual Assault Allegations, Cuomo is Hinting About Coming Back

"Governor Andrew Cuomo" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by diana_robinson

Former Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, who resigned over the sexual allegations charges in August last year, is hinting toward a political comeback.

He is being labeled as a “sick, pathetic man” by the attorney general of the state.

Andrew Cuomo is coming back to politics

During his first public appearance on Sunday after his resignation, Andrew Cuomo noted he was made the victim of “cancel culture.”

While speaking to a crowd of almost 100 congregants in a Brooklyn church, Cuomo stated he wants to tell his truth, claiming the persisting crisis of “cancel culture” is “frightening,” which is pushing the country toward extremism.

According to the New York Times, this was the desperate plea of the troubled governor to salvage his reputation, which nosedived abruptly as multiple women spoke against his sexual ambitions.

Reportedly, Cuomo has done all of his homework to make a comeback into mainstream New York politics. He spent almost $369,000 from his campaign account last month, which has a mighty sum of $16 million in it.

This money was used on television advertisements as he painted himself as a political victim to gain the sympathy of New Yorkers.

By denying the allegations against him, Cuomo established the reaction of the women against him was due to the changing “generational norms.”

Claiming to be “old-fashioned,” Cuomo stated he learned an extremely important lesson during this episode as he signaled his comeback stating, “God is not done with me yet.”

The governor tried to appeal to the religious crowd by quoting the Bible, saying the holy book teaches about perseverance, so he would continue practicing that as his spirit is still alive.

“Governor Cuomo’s Major Agenda Proposal” (CC BY 2.0) by MTAPhotos

While Cuomo stated this was the toughest time of his life, he also lambasted Twitterati, who mocked him during the last six months, stating Twitter has replaced the jury in today’s time.

Andrew Cuomo is a Sick, Pathetic Man

Letitia James, the Attorney General of New York, was the woman behind the investigations against Cuomo.

Although Cuomo did not mention her by name during his Sunday speech, he continuously referred to her as “they.”

Since Cuomo left office, his team has been consistent in scolding the state’s attorney general, noting she was politically motivated while bringing these charges against the now-former governor.

After Cuomo’s speech, Letitia James issued a rebuke, pointing out it is time for New Yorkers to look beyond a “sick, pathetic man.”

Likewise, she claimed the former governor would not even leave sacred churches from perpetuating his lies and is continuously blaming everyone but himself.

As Andrew Cuomo was pushed into hot waters, his brother Chris Cuomo was also fired from a liberal media channel, CNN, for helping his brother during the controversy.

Thus, the former governor criticized CNN, saying the media outlet was undergoing a merger and afraid of the “cancel culture mob,” so it made Cuomo a scapegoat.