AG Garland to Testify Again After MISLEADING Statements

Seven GOP senators asked Attorney General Merrick Garland to appear in front the US Senate once again. The lawmakers noted the initial statements of Garland look misleading.

Merrick Garland’s statements to Republican senators were misleading

Ben Sasse, a Republican senator, stated that instead of chasing against moms voicing out their opinions against mask mandates, they should go after mobsters. Likewise, he added the movements of the DOJ’s staff contradict what Garland preached in front of him.

This signifies his statements were misleading; so he must come back to the Senate to answer Americans’ queries in a clear way.

Merrick Garland testified in front of Congress last October, facing intense questioning on his department’s memo showing the FBI would launch investigations against those intimidating school boards.

GOP lawmakers have often alleged the memo is political in nature. They say it threatens parents who do not want the teachings of critical race theory (CRT) and other controversial curricula in the syllabus.

Although the DOJ didn’t use the term “domestic terrorism” in its memo, it came into the limelight when the National School Board Association (NSBA) said the school boards encountered this.

A letter signed by seven Republican senators (including Lindsey Graham of South Carolina, Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee, Thom Tillis of North Carolina, Ben Sasse of Nebraska, Mike Lee of Utah, and Ted Cruz of Texas) once again noted the political nature of the memo.

The letter also informed Garland his statements in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee are contradictory to the letter of the Acting US Attorney for the District of Montana. This letter mentioned some behaviors, including repeated telephone calls, over which parents can be prosecuted.

During his Senate appearance, Garland told the lawmakers the sole purpose of the memo is to empower agencies to measure the extent of the problem in the country. Likewise, he told the Senate the memo neither mentioned domestic terrorism, nor the involvement of the parents in any such activity.

Republican lawmakers reminded Garland about whistleblower shocking revelations

In addition, the letter also mentioned the FBI whistleblower claims that the department is using threat tags to encounter potential threats.

Recently, an internal FBI email showed the department is using the tag “EDUOFFICIALS” for all investigations against education officials.

The House Judiciary Committee released the email by the whistleblower, noting it is proof the federal agencies are being used against parents at school board meetings.

According to House Republicans, the email came from a whistleblower, which also mentioned the purpose of the threat tag, calling it an opportunity to counter rising threats at the national level.

Previously, the FBI informed Fox News the threat tags would not be used to open the investigation or prioritize threats.

Likewise, the FBI also denied allegations that the organization is being used to prosecute parents who speak out at school board meetings, noting the memo is intended to tackle threats of violence in general.