Alabama Statewide Mask Mandate Ending on April 9

"F-35 Base Selection Press Conference" (Public Domain) by 187th Fighter Wing, Alabama Air National Guard

Across the country, states are working on getting back to normal. Data and studies show that with the availability of COVID-19 vaccines, Americans are readier than ever to travel, spend time together, and take off masks. 

The Biden administration continues to resist real and actual steps towards a return to normal. Days ago, the Democrat president stood before the nation and implored Republican governors to put mask mandates and other restrictions back in place; Biden even had the gall to claim that states should stop their efforts to re-engage their economies. 

“F-35 Base Selection Press Conference” (Public Domain) by 187th Fighter Wing, Alabama Air National Guard

Thankfully, Republicans are not taking their orders from President Biden. This week, Americans learned that in spite of Biden’s appeals to shut it all down, Alabama remains committed to getting back to normal, per Breitbart News

The Next Steps for Alabama

Earlier this month, Alabama GOP Governor Kay Ivey announced her decision to lift the statewide mask mandate in effect on April 9, 2021.

Ivey also informed that Alabama residents will not have to contend with as many restrictions in the past. Finally, the Alabama governor earlier this month explained that businesses that still wish to require masks for customers will have time to put their own mandates in place. 

Biden’s appeals for Republican governors to stop lifting the mask mandates came after Ivey’s announcement; it also arrived after other Republican governors lifted restrictions on businesses and mandatory mask orders. 

In the wake of the Democrat president’s remarks, the press secretary for Governor Ivey confirmed that her mind has not changed. The Alabama governor will stand by her decision to lift the statewide mask mandate on April 9. Biden’s appeals to the contrary have not motivated Ivey to keep the mask order in place. 

Moving Away from Sweeping Restrictions

If Democrat leaders had their way, mask mandates would last forever, as would restrictions on businesses and travel bans. Americans are tired. Many people throughout the nation furthermore have concerns about sweeping restrictions from the U.S. government. 

“15 days to slow the spread” has quickly progressed into talks of mandatory vaccine passports. Now, more than ever, many folks across the nation believe that individuals should determine how they wish to behave in light of COVID-19; after more than a year since the WHO declared coronavirus a pandemic, Americans are ready to move away from sweeping restrictions. 

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