American Rescue Plan Passed by the U.S. Senate

"Washington D.C." (CC BY-ND 2.0) by J_Llanos

The American Rescue Plan, backed by President Biden, is a largely partisan bill that is comprised of massive pork spending, watered-down stimulus payments, etc.

Republicans have branded Biden’s $1.9 trillion package as ineffective, wasteful, and harmful. The GOP additionally argues that not enough funds go towards actual COVID-19 relief for the American people. Republican lawmakers have therefore proposed various amendments to the American Rescue Plan; yet, Democrats voted them down every single time.

“Washington, D.C. from Arlington Cemetery” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by NCinDC

With Democrats having the majority in the House and the Senate, they have a current advantage over Republicans when it comes to passing legislation. Democrats proved this yesterday when the Senate ultimately passed the American Rescue Plan, despite clear objections from GOP lawmakers, Breitbart News confirms.

The Passing of the $1.9 Trillion Relief Package

Yesterday afternoon, the Senate passed the coronavirus relief package with 50 votes in favor and 49 votes against. The one absent lawmaker was GOP Sen. Dan Sullivan of Arkansas. As most Americans expected, all Republican senators voted against the $1.9 trillion spending package, while every single Democrat senator voted in favor of it.

Since the legislation has received the votes to pass the Senate, it will return to the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives. In the House, the American Rescue Plan will go through the mandatory reconciliation process ahead of any votes on legislative changes.

After the Senate passed this controversial spending package, Democrats cheered. Republicans, on the other hand, criticized Democrats for passing through such deeply partisan legislation without Republicans.

More Bills to Come

Democrat lawmakers have many more bills that they are eager to ram through Congress, whether the GOP likes these bills or not.

Gun control legislation is a great example. Biden has already spoken with Democrats in Congress, instructing them to begin working to pass more gun control into law. Likewise, the 46th president aims to pass an infrastructure bill which will inevitably benefit California more than infrastructure across the country.

The American Rescue Plan’s success in the Senate is a prime example of what happens when Democrats control Congress. Hence, the GOP seeks to level the playing field in 2022 by regaining either the House or the Senate.

What do you think about Democrat lawmakers passing the $1.9 trillion spending package without any support from the GOP? Share your thoughts with us about the passing of the Biden-backed American Rescue Plan down below in the comments section.