American Truckers Convoy Encircled Washington

Inspired by the Canadian “freedom convoy,” American truckers have started reaching Washington D.C to protest against COVID mandates.

A group of truckers named the People’s Convoy is currently at the outskirts of the capital, signaling a wave of protests in the upcoming days.

Truckers make a move, Washington is encircled by protestors

Reportedly, over one thousand vehicles, including trucks, cars, and recreational vehicles, are stationed outside the city.

Currently, the traveling plans of the group are not public, so the upcoming moves of the convoy remain unknown.

Most of the truckers that reached Washington belonged to a single convoy, namely the People’s Convoy, which left from California over a week ago.

On Saturday, this group was stationed in Hagerstown, MD, where more drivers were joining the crowd, helping the convoy get momentum. Though on Sunday, a movement was seen among protesters as they started marching further toward Washington.

According to Reuters, truckers drivers are willing to enter Washington as the convoy makes progress.

A man who identified himself as a truck driver told the media outlet he was ready to take his truck to the center of Washington between the Washington Monument and the White House.

Though the organizers of the protests suggested they have no intentions to enter the city.

Despite this, authorities seem to have retaliatory plans for truckers if they enter Washington.

The director of the District of Columbia Homeland Security, Christopher Rodriguez, noted the convoy is signaling it will stay outside the city. Yet, he noted if they move ahead to enter Washington, authorities will take swift action against them.

Rodriguez claimed relevant authorities had been planning for this event for over a month, so National Guard members fitted with heavy equipment are already positioned to keep things in order.

If the need arises, security personnel will carry on their duties to disperse protestors off the roads so regular traffic operations are not disturbed, the Metropolitan Police Department added.

Truckers move slowly to avoid arrests

Many stakeholders believe the demands of these protesters have already been largely fulfilled, as many states are now wrapping up their mask mandates.

However, truckers voiced their concerns mostly about the persisting mandates in healthcare sectors, which bind health officials to get vaccinated or leave their jobs.

On Sunday, the truckers convoy planned to go to Interstate 495, which is a 64-mile highway, but, it went back to its staging area back in Maryland.

Some drivers believe they want to hold a peaceful demonstration, but “bad actors” amongst them can deteriorate their reputation.

The American groups involved in protests claim to lead nonpartisan protests; however, they are accused of having links with far-right groups.

Reports are indicating these vehicles have been moving at a minimum allowable speed, which is letting them avoid an arrest and record their protests at the same time. 

Due to the slow movement of the convoy at Interstate 70 between Hagerstown and Frederick, a significant traffic slowdown was recorded.