Americans Doubt Biden’s Ability to Serve as President

In 2020, 80-year-old Biden achieved a historic milestone, becoming the oldest individual elected to the U.S. presidency. Should he seek and secure re-election, Biden would be 82 years old at his second inauguration and 86 by the end of his second term.

The poll reveals a mere 32% of those surveyed believe Biden possesses the necessary stamina and mental sharpness to serve effectively as president.

Americans perceive Biden as untrustworthy and lacking empathy

A recent poll conducted by CNN divulged that 70% of Americans harbor doubts regarding President Joe Biden’s capacity to effectively fulfill his role as the United States leader, specifically questioning his stamina and mental acuity.

The survey’s findings also reveal that 62% of respondents feel Biden does not inspire confidence. 54% perceive him as untrustworthy and dishonest.

Additionally, an equal proportion, 54%, express the sentiment that Biden does not empathize with or care about individuals like themselves. Furthermore, the poll uncovered that a mere 32% of Americans believe Biden is deserving of reelection.

A notable 54% of Democrats expressed their preference for an alternative 2024 nominee, as opposed to the 44% who maintain Biden should be the party’s candidate in the next presidential race.

The poll results also highlight that 51% of respondents feel Biden is incapable of working effectively with Congress, while a slightly smaller proportion, 48%, think otherwise.

Biden hints at 2024 reelection campaign despite low approval ratings

CNN anchor John King commented on the poll’s findings, stating, “The numbers are beyond sobering for President Biden.” He added these figures should be regarded as an “early campaign baseline.”

Despite Biden’s approval ratings in the CNN poll lingering in unfavorable territory among all Americans, the president consistently expressed his intention to pursue a second term in the White House; although no official announcements have been made.

Hints of a re-election campaign surfaced during a speech delivered by the president in early February, addressing party leaders and activists at the DNC’s winter meeting in Philadelphia.

In his remarks, Biden underscored, “we’re just getting started” and conveyed his determination to “get more done.”