Americans May Need a Vaccine Passport for Travel to and From Hawaii

"Hawaii" (CC BY 2.0) by erikccooper

Vaccine passports are becoming more and more talked about. Certain folks in the government and healthcare community have decided to get on board with the idea of a passport that shows Americans’ vaccination records. In fact, the state of New York has implemented the use of vaccine passports as of today. 

“Hawaii” (CC BY 2.0) by erikccooper

Several Republican governors have come out against vaccine passports. Thus far, the GOP governors of Nebraska, Florida, and South Dakota have spoken out against requiring such tools; in fact, Governor Ron DeSantis even committed to signing an executive order that bans vaccine passports in Florida. 

Sadly, Hawaii residents aren’t as fortunate. According to Breitbart News, leaders within the state are preparing to implement vaccine passports that are mandatory for travel to and from the state. 

What to Know About Hawaii and Vaccine Passports

Right now, Hawaii is looking at different potential forms of vaccine passports. One option entails a simple vaccination card detailing vaccination status; another potential avenue involves an online app where individuals will store their health and medical records. 

At this time, officials in Hawaii are considering working with a company called First Vitals to develop a mandatory vaccine passport for their state. The state’s Democrat Governor David Ige has not yet affirmatively declared that Hawaii will implement a vaccine passport program; however, all the signs indicate that this is the direction the state is going in. 

Should Hawaii choose to begin a vaccine passport program, it would be the second state in the nation to do so. It is also worth noting that Democrat-run states and leaders are the most inclined to implement vaccine passports merely for basic participating in society. 

Partisan Outlooks on Vaccine Passports

Democrats seem to have no issues with vaccine passports whatsoever.

Not a single leftist to date has come out and acknowledged the issues with having individuals show a vaccine passport; Democrats also don’t seem to know — or care — about how a vaccine passport program quickly opens the door to a communist social credit system that’s only led to disaster in other parts of the world. 

Republicans, on the other hand, are much leerier of vaccine passports. Not only have several GOP governors come out against it, but Republican lawmakers and voters have also sounded the alarm against having vaccine passport programs in America. 

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