Americans Protesting, Pushing Back Against Stay Home Mandates

"Anonymous Protest" (CC BY 2.0) by seanpanderson

Resistance against mandatory lockdowns, shelter-in-place and stay-at-home orders is growing. Contrary to what some people may believe, shutting down a nation and economy are not viable solutions to coronavirus. Americans need to be able to work, support themselves, and leave their homes.

Many governors and mayors across the country have chosen to issue very strict closure orders and force businesses to shutter. As tens of millions of Americans lose their jobs and can’t earn any income, negative sentiments towards shutdowns are surging.

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Yesterday, President Trump indicated that he is working with certain officials to determine the best way of going about reopening the economy. However, Fox News reports that Americans are already taking to the streets, demanding the economy, their jobs, and businesses to be open NOW.

Pushback Against the Closure of the Economy

Americans are tired of governments dooming them to financial ruin by prohibiting them from working. This is why yesterday marked the second time of Ohio residents taking to the streets and commanding their governor to lift shutdown orders; Ohioans made very clear the importance of freedom, noting that quarantines and stay home orders are worse than coronavirus itself.

Ohio residents aren’t the only ones to say that enough is enough, though. Americans in Michigan and North Carolina are also planning to take to the streets in protest and push for their governors to reopen the economy. Folks displeased with lockdowns have noted the plethora of businesses “going under” while surviving businesses barely tread water. Furthermore, a Facebook group dedicated to reopening North Carolina currently has over 21,000 members.

A Time of Reckoning

Since the inception of shutdowns across the nation, certain people warned that such measures cannot last forever. It appears as though this week is proving the accuracy of said warnings. Forcing people out of work via government mandate is immoral.


Unlike coronavirus, economic decline does not have an over 90% recovery rate. Unlike coronavirus, 80% of all situations caused by economic decline are not mild or moderate. Americans want their lives, livelihoods, jobs, and businesses back. If shutdowns continue to last for much longer, the uprisings and protests against them will just keep surging.

What do you think of the protests against lockdowns in Ohio, Michigan, and North Carolina? Are you ready to get the nation’s economy up and running again? How long do you think Americans can be expected to stay home and not work? Let us know in the comments section below!