America’s COVID-19 Vaccine Supply Just Went Up

"A man is getting an injection with a syr" (CC BY 2.0) by wuestenigel

In regards to COVID-19 vaccine distribution, the Biden administration has largely built off the work of the Trump White House. When former President Trump was in office, he put together Operation Warp Speed. This program ultimately allowed for the development and distribution of coronavirus vaccines to be significantly expedited.

“Covid Vaccination Centre – Sheffield Are” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Tim Dennell

Biden, on the other hand, is basically working to take credit for his predecessor’s progress regarding this vaccine. This is why the 46th president’s released vaccine distribution plan is all but a carbon copy of the Trump administration’s.

Newsmax currently confirms that the nation’s coronavirus vaccine supply just increased exponentially.

The Increased Supply of COVID-19 Vaccines for America

On Thursday, the Biden administration announced the completion of deals with Moderna and Pfizer for hundreds of millions more coronavirus vaccines.

The fresh batch of 200 million new vaccine doses shall permit faster deliveries across the nation. Furthermore, the current White House administration has already announced that new vaccination centers will appear throughout the country.

At this time, the vaccine against coronavirus requires two doses; it’s also most readily available to first responders and essential workers, however, not everyone with access to the vaccine wants it. Record numbers of nursing home staffers, firefighters, and even healthcare workers are refusing the COVID-19 vaccine.

Future Access to Coronavirus Vaccination

The supply of coronavirus vaccines is only expected to increase as time goes on. Hence, by April 2021, any American who wishes to be vaccinated against COVID-19 is likely to have the ability to do so.

Despite the vaccination, the Biden White House is still saying that Americans need to wear face coverings and remain six feet apart from one another. Before the vaccine, however, the “experts” professed that a return to normal would happen once the injection arrived. Needless to say, the goalposts have only moved since the arrival of coronavirus vaccination.

In addition to the vaccine, people are now being encouraged to “double-mask,” otherwise known as wearing two face coverings at the same time. Certain folks are going along with this; however, other Americans are questioning and criticizing the public relations campaign for double-masking.

What do you think about the increased supply of coronavirus vaccine doses? Will you be open to social distancing and wearing a face mask even after getting the vaccine? Be sure to let us know where you stand on these changes and guidelines in the comments section below.