An Attack on Checks and Balances: Democrats Are Destroying Resolution of Inquiry

House Democrats have successfully wrapped up a centuries-old law that will restrict Republicans’ ability to scrutinize the wrongdoings of Biden. This comes as Democrats silently destroyed the historic “resolution of inquiry.”

This inquiry could help the GOP make the president accountable for creating the mess in Afghanistan and mishandling the southern border crisis.

Removing the resolution of inquiry could backfire on Democrats

The resolution of inquiry was used by the minority party in the House to demand critical information from the executive branch, and hence initiating the investigation against president.

After the start of the inquiry, the resolution bound the relevant committee to take action within the timeframe of 14 days. In case of the committee’s inaction, the resolution could bring the matter on the House floor with special privileges.

Now, as House Democrats have managed to bury the resolution, the GOP cannot request the information from the president on matters of national interests. Republicans are furious about the said measure, and for all the right reasons.

This is why Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader, has warned that wrapping up the resolution can backfire on Democrats once they lose the House majority. He also believes this unprecedented step is a move towards promoting one-party rule that can suppress opposition rights.

The resolution of inquiry was one of the ways Congress could have oversight on presidential authority to stop abuse of power. This is not the first time Democrats struck down minority party’s rights. They also tried to weaken another tool called “motion to recommit” earlier this year.

Democrats have been cleverly planning to kill the inquiry resolution since May 2020, during the second term of former President Trump. However, Republicans never had even the slightest idea about it until now when they wanted to bring President Biden to justice for the Afghanistan crisis.

McCaul: Democrats are fueled by their ambitions to save Biden from going through a congressional inquiry

Rep. Micheal McCaul, a congressman from Texas, also lashed out at Democrats for hitting the most important part of the American political culture. He said Democrats’ actions are motivated by their ambitions to save Biden from a congressional inquiry.

He further believes that Americans look towards the legislative branch when the president makes mistakes; therefore, Democrats must lift this restriction to make things transparent.

Democrats played foul and tried to trick the system badly. When they were in the minority, they used this resolution multiple times to extract information from the White House. Whether it was about Trump’s taxes or Russia, Democrats successfully got the necessary information using this method.

Although, they failed to make any significant impact, its usage in the first place depicts that Democrats are depriving Republicans of the congressional right they used themselves repeatedly.