Antifa Riots Against Inauguration of Biden

Yesterday at 12:00 PM, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris received the formal swearing-in as the new president and new vice president of the United States. Multiple top Republicans and Democrats alike attended the inaugural ceremony; leaders in both political parties additionally took to social media to wish the new White House administration well.

Many Americans were not thrilled about yesterday’s inauguration; believe it or not, the folks unhappy with Biden’s new status as president are not just conservatives and Trump supporters.

“More riots. More damage. All large windo” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by drburtoni

Antifa, a far-left, violent anarchist group, wasn’t pleased with the inauguration of Biden either. Therefore, Antifa expressed its displeasure by rioting and damaging multiple cities, according to Breitbart News.

The Wrath of Antifa

Yesterday night, Antifa brought more destruction and violence to cities like Seattle, Washington, Portland, Oregon, and other communities. The group burned U.S. flags in the middle of the streets, blocked traffic, chanting against both Joe Biden and law enforcement.

Signs carried by Antifa members also provided some interesting insight into the group’s motivations. One sign read that Antifa wants “revenge,” rather than Biden. Other signs called for a new world to arise “from the ashes” while Antifa also professed themselves to be “ungovernable.”

The Democrat Party’s headquarters in Portland did not escape the wrath of Antifa, either. The anarchist group descended upon the leftist headquarters; Antifa smashed windows, spraypainted the anarchy symbol on the building, and otherwise vandalized it.

A Start to the Biden Presidency

Throughout the 2020 campaign and during Biden’s inaugural address, themes of healing the nation and cooling down heated rhetoric were present. However, the riots less than 12 hours into Biden’s presidency already show that healing and unity have yet to emerge.

Biden, thus far, has not spoken out against Antifa either. The looting, rioting, and destruction of public property are unacceptable, as is holding up traffic; however, Democrats have consistently justified Antifa’s behavior or even become apologists for the anarchist group altogether.

Today will mark the first full day of Biden’s term as the 46th president of the United States. Several executive orders signed into effect by the commander-in-chief are already provoking the ire of Republicans; meanwhile, Democrats aren’t too pleased with Biden’s promised $2,000 stimulus checks getting watered down to $1,400.

What do you make of the Antifa riots that happened in protest against the 46th president of the United States? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.