AOC: American Society “Brutal” and “Barbarian!”

Coronavirus and the proposed steps against it continue to magnify the existence of partisan divides.

While Democrats have eagerly called to shut everything down and force millions into joblessness, Republicans have expressed more hesitancy towards this path. As GOP leaders in Washington focused on putting together the now-approved stimulus bill to help Americans adversely impacted by COVID-19, Democrats did all they could to sneak in socialist policies with no links to coronavirus whatsoever.


The left and the right couldn’t be more divided; however, recent commentary from New York socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is an example of how much Democrats hate America.

According to the congresswoman, COVID-19 has highlighted the “barbarian” and “brutal” society of the United States, reports Washington Examiner.

Evaluating AOC’s Outlook on American Society

Like many capitalism-hating, freedom-loathing socialists, Ocasio-Cortez has a very dark and dystopian outlook on America.

The congresswoman continues tearing into Congress for not presenting legislation that absolves rent payments and socializes healthcare. As the socialist representative kicks and screams, she’s notably silent about shelter-in-place mandates that have forced millions of Americans into unemployment. If Ocasio-Cortez truly cared for the working-class, she’d be outraged to have ten million people out of jobs.

Contrary to what AOC might believe, American society is not “brutal” or “barbarian.” However, government’s decision to force millions out of work is most certainly brutal; just as deeming jobs that pay bills as “non-essential” is barbaric. Like every other socialist, Ocasio-Cortez’s priorities are screwed up and in the wrong place.

What’s the Objective?

Many Americans may wonder what Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and other socialists hope to achieve. The answer is the erosion of capitalism, something which can never happen in the United States. Despite what AOC, Bernie Sanders, and other radical left-wingers are selling,  production does not come without a cost.


Socialized healthcare is not the solution to coronavirus and neither is the removal of rent payments. The best possible solution to COVID-19 is increasing access to testing and getting healthy Americans back to work. The one-size-fits-all approach of assuming that everyone has coronavirus and therefore instructing all Americans to shelter-in-place is not working. If it were, there wouldn’t be millions out of work and seeking unemployment while crime rates skyrocket.

What do you think about AOC’s outlook on the United States of America? Are we a “brutal” and “barbarian” society? Let us know what your views are in the comments section below!

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