AOC and Nancy Pelosi are Living in a Fantasy World

Greg Murphy, a Republican congressman, and a famous urologist lambasted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and far-left lawmaker AOC for supporting radical taxation plans on Americans.

He claimed both of these lawmakers are living in their “fantasy world” when they plan to rob people of their money.

Democrats pursuing a faulty proposal of capital gains tax

Speaking to Newsmax on Saturday, Greg Murphy noted Pelosi and AOC are depriving people of their money to support their liberal spending agenda.

Murphy also mentioned he received a notice from the IRS recently, which stated if someone stole any property, they need to report that as income.

Listening to Murphy’s allegations on the IRS, another conservative Congressman Don Bacon stated these sorts of things are only possible in the case of a Democrat government.

In addition to this, he also noted Democrats want to impose capital gains tax, despite the fact most Americans reject these sorts of proposals. He scolded liberal lawmakers for supporting taxes on the money that Americans are yet to earn.

Claiming Democrats are finding untapped fronts for taxation, Murphy believes lawmakers are trying to tax those pockets that were not taxed yet; this is only possible with the capital gains taxes.

While criticizing the faulty nature of the proposal, Murphy explained when people earn five to ten percent on a certain account, they would have to pay taxes on it. Yet, after some years when they face losses in their businesses, they will not get their credit back.

According to the congressman, Democrats are steering the country just because of one vote difference in the Senate and five votes in the House.

Murphy slammed Biden and Fauci over vaccine mandate

Democrats are trying to pass the social spending bill from the Senate, which the House passed last year; however, it was stalled, due to the resistance of moderate Democrat Senator Joe Manchin.

Manchin indicated that he would not vote for the radical spending spree in any case, which further creates a divide in the Democrat Party.

Murphy also extended his criticism to Biden’s vaccine mandate, noting it is like building an airplane while flying it at the same time. He claimed the arrogance of Dr. Fauci regarding the vaccine mandate is discouraging for many Americans.

As he is also a physician himself, Murphy extended his support for his colleagues in hospitals, noting they are feeling overburdened and slammed since the beginning of the pandemic, as the worker shortage in hospitals is piling up.

Considering that the Supreme Court will hear arguments against Biden’s vaccine mandate on January 7, Murphy said he is hopeful the court will restrict Biden’s unilateral actions.

He asserted if the government wants to introduce any vaccine mandate, it should be passed from both chambers of Congress.