AOC in Full Support of Massive Illegal Alien Influx

"IMG_3973" by Matt Johnson

After what turned out to be New York’s biggest migrant crisis in recent history, several prominent figures from the Democrat Party stepped forward to give their two cents on the situation.

One of which was none other than Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez.

During her speech, the “woke” congresswoman claimed she’s working together with NYC Mayor Eric Adams on applying for more federal housing funds to help the self-proclaimed “sanctuary city” address the crisis.

“IMG_3972” by Matt Johnson

The left wants YOU to pay for the migrant crisis

Much like the rest of Democrats, AOC spoke nothing of actually securing the border to prevent the issue from escalating once again, instead welcoming the surge of illegal aliens seeking asylum in the US.

Instead of admitting New York was facing a migrant crisis, AOC called it a “housing crisis,” adding the city has dozens of options, including wasting federal resources on a growing issue without actually fighting the root cause.

It was only last week when Mayor Adams was forced to declare a state of emergency. More than 19,000 immigrants poured into the city, overloading New York’s shelter system in a matter of weeks.

During AOC’s speech, a retired firefighter asked whether she was planning on implementing changes to immigration law in order to secure the southern border.

The firefighter argued 95% of those seeking asylum are far from eligible for “political asylum,” seeing as they’re mostly economic migrants.

US to blame for the influx of illegal aliens?

Rather than providing a solid answer expected of a person in power, such as herself, AOC instead just repeated “it’s legal” to the crowd.

She was ignoring the fact that New York, several other cities, as well as the southern border, have suffered a major burden because of it.

AOC even went as far as claiming the instability in Central and Southern American countries is to be blamed on the US, as we’ve “historically contributed” to regime changes in Latin America.

While AOC did admit the immigration system was broken, it was for all the wrong reasons. She added the only way to fix the growing number of illegal immigrants in the US was to properly document them.

AOC’s arguments would actually be fair if she didn’t ignore that legal immigration and illegal immigration are worlds apart.

Let’s not forget it’s been less than a month since AOC was accusing Abbott and DeSantis of committing “crimes against humanity” when they were busing migrants to “sanctuary cities.”

Yet, several Democratic mayors from towns at the southern border were doing the same thing.

Hypocrisy seems to be the left’s main tool when manipulating the masses. Once the federal funds run out, they’ll be expecting the citizens of New York to foot the bill for the migrant crisis that could’ve been easily avoided.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.