AOC Lost Her Cool After Seeing Abortion Ban 

In the latest intraparty tussle, far-left Democratic Congresswoman AOC has called for her own party’s Senator Krysten Sinema to be primaried in November 2024.

AOC is angry over the upcoming Supreme Court decisions that would heavily restrict abortion in the United States.

AOC Wants Krysten Sinema Primaried

The Supreme Court documents leak wreaked havoc in liberal ranks, as top judges are ready to overturn Roe in Roe vs. Wade case.

This verdict will eventually restrict abortion in many cases, hence making the far-leftist narrative ineffective. 

Now, Democrats have only one way to protect their radical interests: legislate in favor of Roe so that abortion can be allowed through federal law. 

However, they first need to eliminate the legislative roadblock filibuster from the Senate, which is a mandatory requirement since they will fall short of a 60-vote benchmark required to pass any legislation otherwise.

AOC seemed apparently disturbed when she got to know about the leaked document regarding the high-profile abortion case.

She called the leak a “disaster” and further urged Congress to codify Roe.

Thus, AOC stated “obstructionists” from both parties should be held accountable if they do not vote along the party lines on various matters, including ending the filibuster.

According to her, if Sen. Sinema withdraws her support of the filibuster, Democrats can protect Roe through federal law.

Democrats Push to Codify Roe v. Wade

For a long time, far-left Democrats, including Bernie Sanders, have been pushing their party to pass a bill to protect abortion.

This response of the liberal congresswoman came after Sinema’s statement earlier Tuesday, who criticized the court’s opinion regarding Roe, noting a birth choice should remain between a woman, her family, and their doctor.

Furthermore, Sinema claimed this decision of the high court would impact the “well-being of women” in the United States. However, at the same time, Sinema defended her choice to protect the filibuster.

She asserted that the very same filibuster had been used multiple times in the past to protect women’s rights. Thus, the filibuster is “more important now than ever,” Sinema established.

AOC is not the only Democrat with renewed calls to end the filibuster. The office of Kamala Harris also stated that the vice president supports ending this hurdle.


The bill which Democrats want to pass from the Senate has already been voted for in the House in September of last year.

Though when this bill came to the Senate in February, Sens. Krysten Sinema and Joe Manchin voted against it, which blocked the liberal agenda.

The Senate remains the most prominent hurdle for legislative action on abortion this time as well.

In the past, Republicans failed to ban post-20-week abortion in the Senate in 2015 and 2018, even after controlling the chamber.