AOC Offended for Not Getting the Tag of “Woman of Color”

Far-left Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC) called Fox News host Tucker Carlson “a creep” when he grilled her on her claims that she is a woman of color.

AOC has often claimed to be a woman of color in her bid to appeal to racial minorities voters.

AOC and Tucker Carlson came face to face

On Friday, Carlson talked about AOC and her upcoming biography “Take Up Space: The Unprecedented AOC,” which is scheduled to be released on February 22.

In particular, Carlson criticized AOC for claiming to be a woman of color, adding that she is “a rich, entitled white lady.”

Carlson, who has given AOC the nickname of “Sandy Cortez,” noted that nowhere other than American could she be recognized as a woman of color. Likewise, he suggested she is a privileged woman who preaches people to put up their masks.

Tucker Carlson aired AOC’s clip where she was giving a makeup tutorial to her social media audience, in which she claimed she is a woman of color. 

Calling this description funny, Carlson stated while nobody dares to challenge AOC on this, everyone knows deep inside these claims are “hilariously absurd.”

Carlson emphasized the shade of skin does not matter, as all progressives are the same.

AOC seemed offended by the remarks, as she took to Twitter to retaliate immediately. In her bid to assassinate Carlson’s character, AOC wrote he is “trash” and not a safe person to be left alone with a woman.

“Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @ SXSW 2019” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by nrkbeta

The lawmaker also played the woman card, mentioning Carlson does not know how to treat a woman, despite having a wife and daughters.

Carlson had a lot more to say to the liberal congresswoman, as he called her “neurotic and silly.” While comparing her to the former TV actress June Cleaver who was famous for her non-serious acting, Carlson noted AOC is even less serious than Cleaver.

AOC accused right-wing people of having sexual harassment tendencies

The argument got heated when Carlson mentioned the previous Instagram post of AOC in which she wrote she was home alone. When Carlson called it a “booty call,” AOC took offense.

Responding to this, the congresswoman started accusing all conservatives of sexual harassment.

She suggested she once said all right-wing people have a compulsive obsession when they see young women around, adding if Carlson can enact this much sexual harassment on TV, how far he can really go off-camera with his staff members?

In addition to that, AOC stated Carlson is doing this stuff because his name starts with P and ends with “dejo.” She was referring to the Spanish word “pendejo,” which means “a-hole” or “idiot” in English.

This is not the first time both Carlson and AOC have come face to face. In February last year, Carlson used to criticize AOC almost every day when she commented on the January 6 Capitol Hill insurrection.