Arizona is the Latest Attraction for Illegal Immigrants

The Arizona border with Mexico has become the latest hub for illegal immigrants coming to the United States, as the border faces a severe shortage of staff.

Meanwhile, a “potential terrorist” from Saudi Arabia has been detained at the Arizona-Mexico border at the Yuma sector, who according to authorities, was wearing New York county’s ambulance jacket.

Illegal crossings at the Arizona border are increasing

This week, a group of illegal immigrants crossed the Arizona border and walked seven miles into America without being detected.

Likewise, according to the Yuma County sheriff, another group of illegal immigrants entered the country; they reached Border Patrol headquarters before surrendering themselves to border agents.

Leon Wilmot, the sheriff, noted these episodes spoke volumes about the shortage of agents the border is facing these days.

In addition to that, Wilmot also stated the inflow of illegal immigrants at the Yuma sector has now risen to more than a thousand people per day.

Local farmers are also complaining their fields are being destroyed by the crowd. Ambulances that come in aid for migrants are often attacked by other migrants who want to get a ride into America.

Calling this surge Biden’s “December disaster”, Doug Ducey, the Republican governor of Arizona, said the faulty policies of the administration are responsible for the rising crisis.

Seeing the rising influx of illegal immigrants and the shortage of federal agents, Ducey sent  state troopers and more than two dozen National Guard troops to the border, alongside a utility helicopter and a number of vehicles. 

He also urged the president to do something productive during his press conference in front of the border wall this week.

Even during the governor’s press conference, a group of illegal immigrants were seen crossing the gap in the border wall to enter the US.

Immigrants want to enter the US before Biden restarts Remain in Mexico policy

Sheriff Wilmot claimed the authorities have been getting continuous calls from migrants who want someone to pick them up and give them a ride inside the country.

Border agents are also overwhelmed, as they are seeing immigrants sitting for hours, waiting for someone to come and pick them up.

In addition to this, Wilmot also asserted many women and children slept by the border wall, as there were no Border Patrol agents present there.

While Customs and Border Protection acknowledged the recent surge of illegal crossings in Arizona, the department indicated the numbers have started coming back to normal.

The agency said it worked hard to control the frequency of border encounters. Similarly, the department noted the local NGOs are doing exceptional work in providing basic necessities to those immigrants who are yet to be received by border agents.

According to the Arizona governor, people want to come into the United States before the current administration restarts the Trump-era Remain in Mexico policy, which will essentially halt their entry to the US.