Arizona Republicans to Challenge 2020 Election Before Supreme Court

After more than one month since Election Day, the results of the 2020 presidential race remain unsettled and heavily disputed. The Trump legal team and various GOP bodies across the nation continue to argue that fraud has stained the integrity of this year’s presidential election.

“President Trump in Arizona” (Public Domain) by The White House

State and federal courts have overwhelmingly ruled against lawsuits initiated by Trump’s attorneys and Republicans; while this occurs in multiple states over the past week, the GOP isn’t giving up just yet.

In fact, Breitbart News now confirms that the Arizona Republican Party will challenge the 2020 presidential election before the U.S. Supreme Court.

What to Know About the Arizona GOP’s Case

Earlier this week, the Arizona Supreme Court tossed out a case that state Republicans submitted regarding duplicated ballots and ballot-processing errors.

Ultimately, the state-level Supreme Court determined that Arizona Republicans did not submit appropriate evidence to make their case; however, GOP members in the Grand Canyon State maintain that they were denied due process rights.

Therefore, on Friday, the American public learned that Arizona Republicans will appeal their case before the Supreme Court. Of course, the highest court in the land will have to agree to hear the case, something that Arizona Republicans are undoubtedly striving towards.

News about the case being appealed before the Supreme Court also arrived amid a giant Texas lawsuit that conservatives hoped the court would decide to hear out. On Friday evening, news broke that the Supreme Court rejected the case altogether.

The Final Decision-Maker

With more and more states bringing lawsuits to the U.S. Supreme Court, it is looking very likely that this body could have the final decision on how the 2020 presidential election turns out.

Right now, millions of Americans feel cheated and disenfranchised. Polling has already shown that more Republicans than not believe that Biden did not legitimately win this presidential election; Democrats, by contrast, are still writing off claims of election fraud as baseless conspiracy theories.

On Friday, President Trump referenced the Supreme Court in multiple tweets. The 45th president called upon the body to save the nation and show “wisdom and courage.” Thus far, news about the Supreme Court’s refusal to hear the Texas lawsuit comes as a major blow to Republicans.

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