Biden Admin “Door-to-Door” Vaccine Campaign Sparks Backlash

After falling short of its Fourth of July goal to have 70% of the adult population vaccinated, the Biden administration is launching a new “door-to-door” campaign to vaccinate Americans. 

On Tuesday, Biden pitched his plan to promote the vaccination efforts. This is amid the concerns of his administration with the surge of the more contagious Delta variant of the virus.

Biden proposed they would “literally knock on doors”

Biden proposed that his administration would go community by community, one neighborhood after another. He added that they would also literally knock on doors to get people vaccinated. 

Meanwhile, the White House press secretary referred to this effort as “door-to-door”. During Tuesday’s briefing, Jen Psaki also listed down the five goals of Biden’s COVID response. 

Psaki said that they are targeting communities and reach out “door-to-door” in order to get the remaining population vaccinated. She added that they will ensure that the people have the information that they need on how accessible and safe the COVID vaccine is. 

On the other hand, critics slammed the new “door-to-door” Biden initiative on social media. Several Republican lawmakers are also vocal about their opposition to the move, saying that the administration should not be forcing the people to get vaccinated. Instead, Americans should be given the free will to choose whether to get the vaccine or not. 

Republican representative Lauren Bobert also wrote a Tweet saying that the Biden administration now wants to do a door-to-door move to urge you to get the supposedly “optional” COVID-vaccine. 

Vaccine education and conversation should be between physician and patient

Meanwhile, Dr. Nicole Saphier, a physician and Fox News contributor, noted that the conversation and education about vaccines should be between a doctor and a patient, not through a “grassroots government” door-to-door campaign. 

Matt Whitlock, a Republican strategist, also slammed the Biden administration, saying that the person who suggested that the best approach to talk to vaccine skeptics is to go knocking on their door should be fired. 

Ashe Short, Daily Wire senior editor, also posed a question asking how the Biden administration can determine who’s vaccinated or not for this type of door-to-door strategy. 

On the other hand, Psaki was asked about whether the Biden administration would pause or slow down its initiative to urge Americans to get vaccinated; this is particularly relevant now that the remaining population that is unvaccinated seems to be unwilling to have the vaccine. Psaki insisted that the Biden administration would continue with their efforts. 

Biden suggested that the door-to-door approach is “needed now” when the country is proceeding to wind down the mass vaccination sites. 

The White House press secretary also added that the new measure of the Biden administration would also include a “renewed emphasis” on getting the vaccines to primary care doctors and boosting access for workers at the vaccination sites.