Biden Administration is Encouraging Drug Cartels to Come in the US

Despite Joe Biden’s assurance the Haiti Border Agents’ investigation would be completed in “days,” the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is still working on the investigation, and it’s nowhere near conclusion.

Meanwhile, Brandon Judd, the President of the National Border Patrol Council (NBPC), chastised the administration for partial inquiries and flawed border policies.

US Borders Not Secured, Drug Cartels Talk About It Explicitly

During his interview with the Megyn Kelly Show, Judd said if the Biden administration lifts immigration restrictions imposed under Title 42, more than 400,000 people can cross into the United States in October alone.

The host asked Judd about Mayorkas’ claims the US border is secured. Judd replied that seeing the hefty amount of drugs on the streets today (and the number of illegal immigrants coming into the country daily) makes it evident the border is not secured at all.

Likewise, Judd claimed criminal cartels do not devise their strategy on words but actions, so the Biden administration needs to act, instead of portraying empty rhetoric.

While scolding the Biden administration’s procedure of welcoming people without any background check, Judd claimed the US has the responsibility to access the databases of the people crossing into its territory.

He endorsed the claims these incoming people can pose a severe terrorism threat to the United States. As he schooled Biden for not doing enough for the immigration crisis, he claimed the US is apprehending people from 151 countries; many of them are from anti-US nations meant to harm the sovereignty of the United States.

The Outcome of the Border Investigation

While talking about the investigation, the DHS spokesperson said the department would ensure the transparency of the investigation, which is ongoing.

The investigation is related to the use of whips by the border officials on Haitian immigrants to deter them, a claim which the officials denied time and time again.

Even DHS secretary Alejandro Mayorkas assured Congress on September 22 that completing the investigation is a “matter of days, not weeks.” Brandon Judd already denounced the integrity of the investigation, saying it is inspired by political pressure.

Judd not only criticized the Biden administration, but also defended the patrolling officials at the border, saying the security personnel was using standard protocols to divert the crowd.

He said the mob of immigrants was pushed to the river and given specific instructions to avert the crisis; this is because the number of incoming people was continuously building up at the border.

The NBPC president already raised his concerns about the impartiality of the investigation, claiming the president, VP, White House press secretary, and DHS secretary have already passed the verdict of what happened at the border.

He added investigators will only go there and find fault in the officials because the powerful people already passed judgment about the incident.