Biden Administration Ordered by DC Judge to Temporarily Stop Firing Employees

On Thursday, a district court judge from Washington D.C. issued a minute order, asking Biden and his administration to confirm plaintiffs (namely active-duty military and civilians) will not be fired from work.

This comes as these plaintiffs wait for the ruling after the Biden administration was sued over COVID vaccine mandates under religious exemptions. 

The judge ordered the Biden administration to submit a notice, agreeing they will not terminate named plaintiffs

A part of the order penned by District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly states plaintiff civilian employees should not be subjected to discipline while the religious exemptions from COVID vaccine mandates are being decided. 

Judge Kollar-Kotelly likewise asked the Biden administration to confirm military plaintiffs on active duty who asked for religious exceptions will not be separated or disciplined while their appeals are pending. 

In addition to this, the district judge ordered the Biden administration to submit a supplemental notice on Friday by noon.

This notice should indicate whether or not they agree none of the named plaintiffs will be terminated from their work while the court ruling is pending. If the White House fails to submit the said notice, another briefing will be made. 

On Sunday, twenty plaintiffs filed a suit against Biden and members of the administration over the president’s executive order mandating COVID vaccines for federal employees. 

Biden administration shows apparent indifference towards rule of law, poses a threat to American liberty

Michael Yoder, the attorney for the plaintiffs, said in a statement the Biden administration displayed an unprecedented indifference towards the rule of law and absolute incompetence regarding basic constitutional outlines. 

Yoder continued, stating this combination is posing a threat to American liberty. He added the good news is the U.S. Constitutions secures and protects the rights of the people to be free from religious coercion and persection. 

The plaintiffs’ attorney then said with the order from the district court judge, they are getting one step closer to pushing the Biden administration back to its rightful place by placing a limit on the government’s use of its powers.

Yoder added it is about time the courts and the American people say “no to tyranny,” noting the U.S. Constitution needs to be reread, not rewritten. 

The suit against the Biden administration is one of the latest challenges the president is facing, amidst increasing claims his COVID vaccine mandate is unconstitutional.

On the other hand, the order by the court came on the same day that Florida Governor Ron DeSantis announced his state will likewise be filing a suit against President Biden and his administration for forcing COVID vaccine mandate on federal contractors. 

DeSantis has repeatedly maintained that Biden’s vaccine mandate is unlawful and doesn’t stand a chance in the courts.