Biden Agenda in Limbo: Dems Holding Infrastructure Bill “Hostage”

A major agenda of the Biden administration – the infrastructure bill – is hanging in limbo. Democrats are proceeding to push for “intense discussions” about the $3.5 trillion spending budgets being passed together with the $1 trillion reconciliation bill.

On the other hand, some Republicans are giving a warning to the other party that their support for the infrastructure bill could be gone. As such, the legislation will be “linked” by Democrats to another bill.

The discussions about the infrastructure budget are fully “off the rails”

Republican Governor Larry Hogan of Maryland told Fox News the discussion about the spending plan really is fully “off the rails.” Hogan leads the group “No Labels,” a moderate organization that served side by side with moderate Democrats and Republicans to work on the trillion dollar infrastructure bill earlier this year.

According to Hogan, he has worked for quite a while on negotiating bipartisan bills. However, the bill does not include additional spending the Democrats are seeking to add. Yet, Biden has to commit to it and they have to make the Senate pass it. 

Yet, according to Hogan, the Senate is now saying if they cannot pack the bill with things the other party took out, the Democrat Party is not going to pass it. However, the infrastructure bill was passed a month ago with much fanfare.

Meanwhile, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat lawmakers declared for weeks they will not support the legislation without assurance that Congress will be likewise passing the reconciliation bill to their liking. 

Pelosi is holding the infrastructure package “hostage”

After the clash between Democrat and Republican lawmakers, Pelosi set September 27 as a tentative date to vote on the infrastructure bill. Democrat Representative and House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer also confirmed the date. This prompted several progressives to talk back and argue that the reconciliation bill has to be likewise completed. 

On the other hand, Representative Dusty Johnson noted that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is holding “hostage” the infrastructure bill. He added that there are only a few Democrat lawmakers who are taken aback by how breathtakingly massive the trillion dollar packages are combined with the reconciliation bill. 

Johnson, who is a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, stated that Pelosi did the whole ordeal a true “disservice.” This happened through the means of linking the infrastructure legislation and the reconciliation bill. Doing so made it extremely difficult to reach out to Republicans to join the move.  

Hogan added that the political gambit that divides the House might end up wasting the infrastructure bill which the country actually needs. Yet, now, it seems as if Pelosi and the Biden administration are attempting to steal the defeat from the grips of victory.