Biden Agreed to Pay $800,000 For His Son’s Overseas Dealings

Joe Biden’s lies have been exposed once again. Leaked emails suggest he agreed to cover over $800,000 of his son Hunter Biden’s bills.

Included in these bills were the legal fees of Hunter’s controversial Chinese business dealings, for which Biden has repeatedly shown alienation.

Biden Agreed to Pay Foreign Bills of His Son, Hunter

Katie Dodge, Hunter Biden’s former personal assistant, wrote the email dated January 17, 2019. She claimed in the email that Hunter Biden’s dad will cover up his bills, as she has already spoken with him.

Joe Biden’s former personal aide, Richard Ruffner, and Hunter Biden also received the email as they were mentioned in the CC.

Not only this, but the email had the spreadsheet of all the details attached, which showed that Hunter owed $130,000 of legal fees to a law firm.

Similarly, he was in debt of $28,382 to another firm, BHR Restructuring.

BHR is an acronym of a Chinese company Bohai Harvest RST Equity Investment Fund Management, for which Hunter purchased 10 percent in shares through another company.

This Chinese firm has deep connections in the power corridors of China, as the state-controlled Bank of China is its major shareholder.

Apart from that, Hunter owed $20,909 to another financial group, in which he invested alongside his partner, Devon Archer, to create their own financial service company.

Mentioned in the spreadsheet were other payments of Hunter as well, including the insurance fee for his Porsche, a boat, and a Ford Truck.

Similarly, the fee for the University of Pennsylvania for Hunter Biden’s daughter, alongside a monthly payment of $37,000 to his former wife, Kathleen Buhee, was also included.

A credit card bill of $157,033 and “other expenses” of fees for clubs were also mentioned in the leaked email.

Meanwhile, the Daily Mail reported the president has run into more financial fraud.

The Mystery of Biden’s “Missing Millions”

According to the media outlet, Joe Biden declared almost $7 million more income in his tax returns, compared to what he mentioned in his government transparency records.

He was able to get this money from his and his wife’s business once he left the vice presidency.

Some of this money can be the salary of Jill Biden, but still, almost $5.2 million was never mentioned in government transparency records.

Reportedly, these “missing millions” can be described from another leaked email of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop, according to which Joe Biden had to get a fixed share of “10%” of his son’s Chinese dealings.

This introduces a new turn in Hunter Biden’s financial misdealings case, as the laptop saga was already highlighted in conservative circles.

Just last week, Joe Biden’s lies were caught when it was revealed that Hunter Biden’s top business partner met with his father and other top US officials at least 19 times during the Obama presidency.

For a long time, both Biden and his office continued to deny the president had ever spoken to his son regarding his overseas business.