Biden Aiming to Ban Most Popular American Weapon

President Biden took aim at 9mm pistols, which is the most popular type of handgun in the United States. He mistakenly called 9mm “high-caliber weapons,” urging the ban of the most famous pistols in the country.

Biden’s Attempt to Create Conspiracy Theories 

Biden made a trip to Texas over the weekend to visit the school that suffered from the horrific mass shooting last week. Upon his return, Biden made some statements to the reporters waiting at the White House, upon which he propagated conspiracy theories concerning guns.

Included in his statement is his attempt to lie about the severity of 9mm pistols, claiming they can “blow the lungs out” of the human body.

He further asserted these sorts of “high-caliber weapons” should have no place in American society and there is no “rational basis” to allow these firearms for self-defense purposes.

In the same address, Biden also ruled out all the demands of the radical left to take executive action against guns.

The president noted he could not sign any executive action to curtail gun access, so tightening background checks is also out of question.

This is not the first time Biden is putting 9mm pistols in the assault weapons category. In a 2019 fundraiser, he asked his audience why the country needs to allow “military-style weapons” that fire “9mm bullets.”

As per the data, nearly 56.8% of handguns made in America in 2019 were 9mm pistols. In the last decade, almost 15.1 million such weapons have been manufactured, which depicts the volume of these guns in society.

If Democrats stick to their calls of banning 9mm, there is a little possibility they can convince Republican lawmakers to pass a bill in Congress.

Biden Massively Misjudged Second Amendment

Biden also took aim at the Second Amendment of the US Constitution.

According to him, no one could have bought “a lot of weapons” when the amendment was introduced. Likewise, he noted the right to own guns was “never absolute.”

This attack by the president against the Constitution resonated with his previous remarks when he made a similar opinion while urging for reducing so-called “ghost guns.”

Even liberal fact-checkers debunked Biden’s comments back then. Amid the prevailing crisis, Biden is trying to achieve things he is not even pursuing.

For instance, he claimed that he did not talk to Republicans about the gun control measures, but still, he is awaiting a compromise from them.

While expressing optimism regarding the so-called gun control measures, Biden mentioned “rational Republicans” like Mitch McConnell and John Cornyn can side with Democrats to pass gun control bills.

However, even if both of these Republican senators vote with the ruling ranks, Democrats will still be unable to avert the filibuster.

Kamala Harris is also urging to ban “assault weapons” from America. She indicated assault weapons were designed to kill a lot of human beings simultaneously and have “no place” in society.