Biden and Trump Traded Attacks in Potential 2024 Preview

The next presidential race is still far down the road and does not officially start until the end of the midterm 2022 elections; however, Biden and Trump are already taking a few punches at each other during the campaign-style events last weekend. 

On Friday, Biden was back doing campaign trails as he made an appearance in Virginia for Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe.

Biden claimed that he “whipped” former President Trump in Virginia


During his speech, Biden mentioned his predecessor which he rarely does, stating that he ran against former President Trump and so does McAuliffe. Biden then claimed that he “whipped” the former president in Virginia and so will McAuliffe. In the last November 2020 election, Biden topped Trump by ten points in Virginia. 

Biden went further and compared McAuliffe’s opponent, Republican Glenn Youngkin, to Trump. He argued that Youngkin was an assistant to Trump. Then, a night later, Trump took aim against Biden at an event in Arizona. During the rally in Arizona last Saturday, former President Trump said that Biden, together with the “radical Democrats,” is destroying America. 

Trump then added that America is “being destroyed” by those who don’t have the license to destroy it. That’s particularly those who won the election through illegal means and people who should not be in office.

The former president also slammed Democrats and the Biden administration for creating an “America last” philosophy; Trump declared that the Biden administration should apologize to the country. He also added that the Democrat Party is mocking America right in its home.

During his speech, Trump once claimed that Biden lost in a landslide, repeating the same claims he made since he lost the presidential election in 2020.

Trump and Biden repeatedly teased about their plans to run in 2024 presidential election

Trump then repeatedly teased about making another presidential run in 2024, as he continues to play a key role in the Republican Party. He also kept his popularity with Republican supporters. 

On the other hand, there has been intense speculation that Biden, 78, the oldest president in U.S. history, would run for another term in the White House. The speculation for reelection started back in 2020 since he launched his presidential bid. 

Then, in March, when Biden was asked at his first news conference about his plans in 2024, Biden answered, stating that he plans to run for another term. 

If that happens, and Biden wins in the presidential race in 2024, he will be 82 and he’ll end his second term at 86 years old. On the other hand, if Trump runs for president in 2024 and wins, he will be 79 years old and 83 by the end of his term.

Meanwhile, a poll conducted by the University of New Hampshire suggested that if the presidential race were held at this time, former president Trump would again win over other GOP rivals.