Biden to Disown Americans in Ukraine

Despite Biden’s continuous assertion that Russia can invade Ukraine anytime, the president will not help any American citizen in Ukraine get out of the country after the possible invasion.

Almost 6,600 Americans, excluding tourists, were present in Ukraine in October last year.

Biden will leave Americans in Ukraine after Russian invasion

Biden seems unlearned from how he approached Afghanistan after the US withdrawal. He is about to make such a decision again, the New York Times reported.

Speaking to NBC News, Biden said all Americans in Ukraine should leave the country as soon as possible, adding he does not want to come to odds with Russian troops to save American citizens in Ukraine.

While denouncing the mass evacuation strategy, Jen Psaki already indicated last week the United States does not pursue such things, and Afghanistan was an exceptional case.

She was referring to American efforts to evacuate diplomats, aid workers, and contractors after the Taliban takeover. 

According to the New York Times, Biden does not want to receive criticism as he did after the Afghan withdrawal, which marred his political reputation all over the country.

The Times reported Biden’s withdrawal was perceived as an utter failure of American foreign policy, even though the White House continuously established the whole operation was a success.

On Tuesday, Biden claimed the Russian invasion is “possible,” so people should try to leave the country now, rather than waiting for the eleventh hour. 

He also asserted due to the likelihood of invasion, America’s embassy in Ukraine shifted from Ukraine’s capital to the western border of the country.

Americans unable to believe the military can abandon them

The Biden administration embraced a similar stance a few months ago when a civil war was about to erupt in Ethiopia.

As warring parties came face to face, the administration issued statements daily that American citizens in Ethiopia should leave the country immediately.

Ned Price, the spokesman of the State Department, claimed Americans living in Ukraine are believing the Afghanistan-style airlift would become a reality in case of any Russian invasion.

However, he stated no one should think the US is capable of conducting the same style of operation in every country of the world.

In October last year, the State Department noted almost 6,600 Americans were residing in Ukraine; many were dual nationals.

A former ambassador of the United States in different countries, including Afghanistan, Ronald E. Neuman, believes it is hard to convince Americans they would be on their own after the invasion of Russia.

He suggested people out there think the US military would be able to help them, which does not seem true in this case. However, Neuman noted if this happens, the administration can come under a lot of pressure to help stranded Americans in Ukraine.