Biden Begins Working to Expand the Supreme Court

"Washington DC: United States Supreme Cou" (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by wallyg

Time after time, the Biden administration has proven its interest in making one power grab after the other.

Americans have seen this just recently with the Democrat president announcing a slew of actions that he’s ordered the Justice Department to take against Second Amendment rights. Furthermore, Biden is working with Democrat lawmakers to force through far-left bills without any Republican support. 

“Washington DC: United States Supreme Cou” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by wallyg

The power grabs don’t stop here, though. Leftists seek to completely dominate every single facet of the government; this would allow them to do whatever they want completely unchecked and Biden knows it. 

This lust for power is precisely why the 46th president approved a presidential commission to bring “reform” to the United States Supreme Court, according to Breitbart News

Working to Pack the Supreme Court with Liberal Justices

The White House, in a statement, claimed that bipartisan experts will comprise the body to study the debate on Supreme Court reform; although, as par for the course with this administration, this claim is a lie. 

Firstly, the majority of “bipartisan experts” listed for this commission are left-wing scholars and Democrats; the few conservatives and Republicans who made it onto Biden’s handpicked list are anti-Trumpers and what real conservatives would view as Republicans in Name Only. Not one single, established, right-wing legal scholar is on this commission. 

On Friday, Republicans took to Twitter to call out this clear power grab for what it is. Conservatives managed to recognize Biden’s executive order as laying the groundwork for him to pack the Supreme Court with liberal justices. 

Why Democrats Want to Pack the Supreme Court

Right now, the United States Supreme Court has more conservative justices than liberal ones. Democrats don’t like this; they especially loathe the reality that Trump’s handpicked selections made it on the Supreme Court, despite going through the necessary congressional approval process. 

If Democrats get their way, they will stuff the Supreme Court with liberal justices in order to gain absolute power. In 1983, Biden actually described Supreme Court packing as a “bonehead idea,” although, clearly, Biden’s mind has changed since there is significant political gain in it for him and his base. 

On Friday, the White House attempted to downplay this clear, left-wing attempt to pack the Supreme Court; however, Americans very clearly see Biden’s executive order for what it is. 

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