Biden Branded as “Insane” Over Talk of New Lockdowns

"People drinking outdoors due to the Coro" (CC BY 2.0) by Ivan Radic

On Thursday, President Biden gave one of the most curious primetime addresses. The Democrat president’s remarks were void of truth and comprised of one falsehood after the other.

Biden, on multiple occasions, asserted himself as responsible for coronavirus vaccine progress that took place under the Trump administration. Likewise, the commander-in-chief, in his remarks about suffering, did not talk about the devastating impacts from coronavirus shutdowns.

“Gov. DeSantis Visits Monroe County” (Public Domain) by Monroe County BOCC

In keeping with the Democrat way, Biden did hint that a return to stringent COVID-19 restrictions may prove necessary if Americans don’t adhere to the protocols that he deems as appropriate. This subsequently prompted backlash from many conservatives, including Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis, reports Breitbart News.

Florida Governor DeSantis vs. President Biden

On Friday, the Florida governor tore into Biden for suggesting a future with more shutdowns. DeSantis declared that any talk of “lockdown-type policies” is insane and something that isn’t going to happen in the Sunshine State.

The Florida Republican governor then explained that the mere contemplation of a return to lockdowns is tantamout to insanity. DeSantis also informed that Flordians are happy about their abilities to safely work, send children to school, and save countless businesses and livelihoods from destruction.

Despite Democrats’ ire about Florida’s openness and freedom, CDC data continues to show that the Sunshine State has less COVID-19 cases per capita in the last week than shut-down, Democrat-run states.

The 47th President of the United States?

Governor DeSantis’ recent remarks don’t mark the first time that he’s called out President Biden’s ineffective policies and leadership. Suffice it to say, Republicans and conservatives couldn’t be more eager to get the current president out of office.

In the GOP, there is growing support for the Florida governor to run for president in the 2024 election. Many right-wing Americans believe that DeSantis’ manner of leadership at the national level would significantly benefit the country and its future.

The leadership of the Flordia governor certainly marks a stark contrast from that of his Democrat counterparts in blue states. When Governor DeSantis spoke at last month’s Conservative Political Action Conference, he dubbed Florida as the “oasis of freedom.”

Do you view President Biden’s talk of a possible return to shutdowns as insanity? Would you support a DeSantis 2024 candidacy? Let us know your thoughts about the Florida governor’s response to Biden in the comments section below.