Biden Called WH Correspondent “Son of a B—”

Joe Biden called Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy a “son of a b—,” after Doocey grilled him on rising inflation.

Biden avoided the media once again

On Monday, Biden met with the Competition Council and his cabinet members to discuss rising inflation in the country and the ways to tackle it.

After his remarks, press members started asking questions from him, hoping the president, who largely avoids media questions, would answer them this time.

Firstly, another reporter shouted at Biden and inquired from him about the deteriorating conditions at the Russia-Ukraine border. The reporter was specifically asking Biden about his meeting with European leaders over the issue.

Responding to that, Biden shunned him, stating just because reporters go off-topic, he does not like to take questions after his press appearances.

Thus, Biden told reporters they do not inform why the meeting was conducted. However, Biden asserted he had a good meeting with European stakeholders, but claimed that he would discuss it later.

After that, Doocy took a turn. He asked Biden if he would like to answer questions regarding inflation and immediately asked if rising prices are a political liability moving forward in the midterm elections.

The president lost his cool on this question. He told his cabinet members that inflation is an asset and not a liability to him. Not only this, but he also called Doocy “a stupid son of a b—-.”

Biden has a history of unfortunate encounters with conservative reporters

According to Doocy, he did not hear Biden’s comments at the moment, as all reporters were shown doors immediately by the White House.

However, speaking to a Fox News program “The Five,” the correspondent laughed loudly, remembering the incident and mocked the liberal fact-checkers, saying nobody has yet fact-checked if he’s really a “son of a b—-.”

This is not the first time Biden has tried to scold Fox News reporters. Last week, another White House correspondent, Jacqui Heinrich, tried to grill Biden at his press conference about the Russia-Ukraine crisis.

Back then, Heinrich asked the president why he was waiting for Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine, to which Biden replied she asked a “stupid question.” Later on, the White House ate Biden’s words.

All of this comes from the same president who warned his staff members to show respect to the media.

Last year, Biden warned the White House that if any staff member showed disrespect to the other person, he would immediately fire them without any warning, noting that everyone is entitled to respect.

Biden has turned against Doocy in the past as well; just last week, the president told him before taking his question that most of his inquiries do not make sense.

When Doocy asked Biden why he was striving to push the country to the far left, Biden denied it, saying this is not happening and noting he is not Bernie Sanders, so Doocy’s claims are incorrect.