Biden Caught Indoctrinating Innocent Children

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis lambasted Joe Biden for his comments about banning books in schools.

According to the governor, Biden, alongside other far-left activists, is trying to indoctrinate students.

Democrats Want to Indoctrinate Children

Recently, Biden noted many American politicians are trying to do political point-scoring by banning different kinds of books, including math books.

He was referring to the Florida Department of Education’s decision to ban 41 percent of math books that were supposed to teach social learning theory and critical race theory.

Nine such books were allowed later on when publishers agreed to remove the objectionable content.

The president claimed politicians are doing “book burning” just because the curriculum is against their political ideology.

Biden also mentioned, in his speech, that American teachers should not be the target of a “culture war,” as they have dedicated their lives to educating students.

In the recent past, over 1,000 books have been banned from public libraries of the country, most of which were dedicated to racism and LGBTQ-related stuff.

Florida is not the only state which is taking action against these books. Texas also banned many such books. Texas Governor Greg Abbott advised schools to remove books that are not fit for students.

However, the Llano County of Texas is facing a federal lawsuit, which states the government should not decide which books the students should be able to read.

DeSantis was asked about these comments during the Laura Ingraham show on Thursday. He commented the state of Florida “draws a hard line” on educational matters.

The governor further claimed his state does not believe in “indoctrination” and solely focuses on education, which is the primary reason for banning such books.

According to DeSantis, he wants to empower parents in education so they can have a say in their children’s affairs.

Democrats Want to Cancel Parents

Contrary to this, Democrats want to cancel parents from the education of their children.

This is why they are indoctrinating children with a predefined woke curriculum. Biden has a goal that parents should not know what their children are learning in schools, DeSantis added.

In addition to that, the governor noted the inclusion of parents in their children’s education has become an issue of public debate in America at a time when it should not be a topic of debate at all.

He asked the host about the rationale for not including parents in the education of their children, claiming leftists want to cancel parents to successfully indoctrinate children.

While Biden accused Republicans of screening out specific books, due to political ideology, his own party’s governors have been frontline advocates of introducing woke curriculum in various public schools, which can safeguard Democratic interests in the long run.