Biden Crushes Sanders in Additional Primary Elections

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

2020 Democrat Joe Biden continues to reap the benefits of the Democrat establishment pulling strings on his behalf.

Earlier this month, the former vice president received several endorsements from his former 2020 opponents, after multiple of the latter ended their campaigns. Moreover, Biden has the DNC working on his behalf in additional ways, seeing as candidates who attend the Sunday debate in Arizona will be permitted to sit down.


With the force of the establishment behind him, Biden walked away with wins in Michigan, Missouri, and additional states last night, as reported by Fox News. The 2020 Democrat may think he’s doing well now; however, the story will be different when Biden is forced to face Trump on his own in the general election without the DNC pulling strings for him.

What to Know About Biden’s Latest Primary Victories

Yesterday’s primary elections in states across America occurred exactly one week after Super Tuesday. Biden managed to secure victories in not just Michigan and Missouri, but also in Mississippi and Idaho. As of this writing, the primary results for Washington remain up in the air.

The former vice president’s wins in the aforementioned states only add to his delegate count, increasing Biden’s likelihood to win the nomination. His victory in Michigan served as a significant blow to Sanders; the socialist senator spent quite a bit of time campaigning in the Mitten State, clearly to no avail.

Biden’s victory in Michigan also arrived after he got into a back-and-forth with a Detroit autoworker. Footage of the confrontation rapidly made the rounds on social media; Biden is seen insulting the autoworker when questioned about his predilection for chipping away at Second Amendment rights.

How is Sanders Coping?

Suffice it to say, Bernie Sanders did not have a good night on Tuesday. As a matter of fact, the socialist’s poor outcome served as enough to stop him from directly communicating with his supporters or the press.

An aide of Sanders’ confirmed, however, that the socialist maintains his plans to debate Biden in Arizona on March 15.


What do you think about Joe Biden’s latest primary victories? Do you agree that he will inevitably become the Democrat nominee and face Trump in the general election? Sound off in the comments section below!