Biden Defending Ukraine Borders Over America

On Sunday, Donald Trump rang alarm bells for a possible world war under President Biden’s foreign policy approaches during his rally in Texas.

Biden should secure America’s borders first

Counting the failures of Biden, the former president noted China is continuously threatening Taiwan, and Iran is about to get a nuclear bomb.

Likewise, Trump claimed Russia can take over Ukraine anytime, which is increasing the likelihood of a world war.

As Biden prepares to deploy the military to NATO countries and Eastern Europe, Trump criticized the approach and encouraged the incumbent president to put his own home in order first.

While reiterating his America first policy, Trump suggested before protecting Ukraine’s border, the administration should look into securing America’s borders first.

Thus, Trump stated stopping the invasion of America needs to be the priority of Biden, instead of stopping Ukraine’s invasion.

Most countries in which America launches its operations do not want it to stay there and have developed anti-American sentiments, Trump continued.

During his speech, Trump also showed a sense of optimism for Republicans as the country moves towards the midterm elections. He maintained the GOP is ready to take both the House and Senate in 2022, along with the White House in 2024.

America’s intervening in countries while leaving its own mess behind

As Trump held two massive fundraisers and a rally in Texas, he noted a local lawmaker told him the rally had the largest crowd in the history of the state.

The former president also spoke about the unnecessary interventionist policies of the subsequent administrations in the Middle East. According to him, Americans do not like politicians who waste the blood of the US military overseas for no reason.

This non-interventionist ideology is now prevalent among pro-Trump conservatives in Congress who often criticize those administrations that try to police the whole world.

For instance, Madison Cawthorn from North Carolina also blamed the incumbent administration last month for its approach towards the Russia-Ukraine crisis. He stated he does not care when people talk about the persisting chaos at the Russia-Ukraine border.

Instead of adopting warmongering policies, many Republicans encouraged Biden to solve the crisis through diplomacy and economic sanctions to avoid any military confrontation.

Meanwhile, Texas Governor Greg Abbott and Trump’s eldest son also ridiculed Biden on various matters. Abbott admired Trump’s ideas of protecting the southern border by building a wall.

Similarly, Don Jr. said Biden is helping Ukraine because his son has business relations there.

Noting that Russia invaded Crimea in the Obama administration and threatened to do the same with Ukraine under Biden, Don Jr. stated Russia went silent under Trump and did not dare to invade any country, due to the strong foreign policy of the Trump administration.

He also mocked Biden, while stating Russia is not afraid of the president who cannot walk the stairs of the Air Force One smoothly.