Biden Defends Excessive Amount of Executive Orders

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

With two weeks into the presidency of Joe Biden, the Democrat is already under fire for his plethora of executive orders. As many Americans have heard by now, the current president set a record for signing many times more executive orders than previous presidents in such a short time period.

“joe biden vp…” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by katerkate

Biden once stated that the use of executive orders is reminiscent of a dictator’s behavior; although, since he now the 46th president, Biden seems to have zero issues with signing one executive action after the other. If he continues, there is a possibility that he could face legal challenges.

On Tuesday, the Democrat defended his excessive number of executive orders, Breitbart News confirms.

One Executive Action After the Other

Multiple Americans have opined that Biden’s back-to-back executive orders don’t align with the multi-partisan unity and healing he’s spoken about. Multiple state attorney generals warned Biden last month that they’d bring suit against him if his executive actions overstep their legal parameters.

Yesterday, Biden went on the defensive against all the criticism towards his executive orders. The 46th president professed that his executive actions are not “making law,” but rather doing away with “bad policy.” Shortly thereafter, the Democrat professed that he’s working to remove the “stain” left on America by the previous Trump administration.

Since getting into office, Biden has used the presidency to push for amnesty, blue state bailouts, high taxes; he’s also killed tens of thousands of good, American jobs by re-entering into the Paris Climate Accord and delivering a death blow to Keystone XL pipeline.

Current Aims of the Biden Administration

One of the biggest aims of the 46th president’s administration is to ram through a $1.9 trillion spending package. The Democrat president claims that this package is designed to grant the nation COVID-19 relief; however, Republicans disagree.

On Monday, ten GOP senators sat down with Biden and Harris to discuss the stimulus package. Republicans submitted an alternate package worth $600 billion; although, the meeting concluded without a reached agreement.

Since the meeting with Republicans, Biden’s urged Democrats in Congress to put a rush on proceedings to pass his spending bill. Meanwhile, this all arrives as Democrats boast that they have enough congressional power to pass legislation without any Republican support.

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