Biden Delivered a Racist, Offensive Voting Speech

Republicans have denounced Joe Biden’s voting rights speech, as the president touted to eliminate the filibuster to pass his long-stalled voting rights agenda.

During his speech, Biden made weird analogies, comparing Republicans with the worst racists in American recent history.

Biden’s controversial remarks are beneath his office

Speaking on the Senate floor, Republican leader Mitch McConnell noted he personally liked Biden for so many years; however, he failed to recognize the Biden who delivered that voting rights speech.

These remarks of the Senate Minority Leader came after Biden’s speech in Atlanta, in which he vowed to overhaul the US election system by reforming Senate laws.

Biden claimed passing voting bills is a “battle for the soul of America,” stating those who are opposing the bill are the advocates of racial segregation that happened during the civil war.


McConnell claimed that Biden’s comments were incorrect, incoherent, unpresidential, and “beneath his office.” According to the Republican senator, it is the responsibility of the Senate to oppose Biden’s voting agenda, so he cannot pass it.

Likewise, the senator defended the framers of the Constitution, noting they established the Senate to check the authority of presidents like Biden who consider 52 senators and millions of Americans foolish, just because they do not support his rhetoric.

Biden invoked bipartisan criticism with his racist comments

Even Dick Durbin, the Senate Majority Whip and a Democrat senator, lambasted Biden for his speech, stating he “went a little too far” to promote his policy vision.

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, already announced the Senate will vote for two voting rights bills by Monday; if the chamber does not pass them, Schumer will move forward to abolish the filibuster.

Meanwhile, Tim Scott, a Black Republican senator, scolded Joe Biden for his controversial speech, saying the speech offended him. He was referring to the American war against slavery, which was ultimately abolished by the first Republican President, Abraham Lincoln.

Biden made a daring effort to ask voters during his speech whether they supported civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King Jr. and John Lewis or Confederate President Jefferson Davis and segregationists like George Wallace.

He was comparing Republicans with controversial figures who supported racial tensions and voter suppression doctrines.

Calling Biden’s speech “hard to digest,” Scott highlighted the president is lying just to make the crowd of his rally laugh and playing politics with sensitive matters like the civil rights movement.

The senator also stated all sectors of American society, be it black or white, contributed equally in eradicating the menace of slavery and winning the right to vote for women.

Even liberal civil rights activist Al Sharpton criticized Biden for his speech, saying Biden’s words resembled a “you’re going to hell” speech, which will not get any support from voters.

Joe Scarborough, a liberal host at the MSNBC program, claimed Biden’s remarks could backfire, especially at a time when he is trying to persuade moderate Democrats to eliminate the filibuster.