Biden Departs for Summer Vacation As Various Crises Escalate

As various crises escalate, Biden left the White House to have a summer vacation in his residence in Wilmington, Delaware.

In doing so, Biden is leaving behind the deteriorating condition in Afghanistan as the Pentagon sends troops in a desperate effort to rescue Americans.

The Pentagon is sending U.S. troops to Afghanistan in a desperate attempt to save Americans

On Thursday, the Pentagon announced that they are sending one Army and two Marine infantry battalions with roughly 3,000 U.S. troops to International Airport in Kabul.

This is their attempt to give protection to embassy personnel and other Americans who are trying to evacuate Afghanistan. 

On top of the 3,000 troops sent to Afghanistan, 3,500 troops from Fort Bragg, North Carolina, will likewise be deployed to Kuwait to serve as stand-by, in case additional forces are needed. 

The deployment of U.S. troops was made as the situation in Afghanistan deteriorates rapidly in the past weeks; the Taliban group is swiftly taking in provincial cities as they close in on the nation’s capital, Kabul. 

Meanwhile, according to some intelligence assessments, the situation in Afghanistan is terrible. One assessment is predicting that the Taliban could take over the capital in a month.

The situation at the border is getting worse as 212,000 illegal immigrants were apprehended in July

However, the security status in Afghanistan is not the only crisis that the U.S. is facing at the moment. As Biden heads to have his summer break in Delaware, it was also revealed on Thursday that over 212,000 illegal immigrants were encountered crossing the U.S. – Mexico border in the month of July. 

This number reported is 13% higher compared to June and serves as a record-high number in the past two decades. This report discourages the hopes of the White House that the summer heat would likely cause immigrants to rethink their decision in doing the dangerous trek. 

The scenario at the border was also worsened by the delta COVID variant; reports state that thousands of COVID-positive illegal immigrants are housed in detention facilities before they are getting released to different parts of the country. 

Inflation in the country rose up to 7.8%

On top of this, key inflation also surprised economists, as it reached another high; the inflation rate for producer price rose to up to 7.8% in the past 12 months.

This inflation rate is the highest recorded in the past ten years, raising concerns that inflation would be staying longer than expected. 

The growing crises placed tension on Biden to reconsider his vacation plans and delay his summer vacation. As a result, Biden was forced to stay at Camp David and delay his vacation.

However, the White House press secretary mentioned that even when the president goes to his residence in Delaware, he will “still be working.”