Biden Earned “F” Grade After First Year of Presidency

As Biden completed his first year in the White House, his ratings dropped to a historic low. According to Biden, though, he “overperformed” as president.

Americans graded Biden as a failed president

The latest Politico poll indicated more voters graded Biden as a failed president than those who marked him as “A” or “B” combined.

As per the poll, almost 37 percent of Americans graded Biden as “F,” while only 31 percent gave either “A” or “B” to the president.

Likewise, Biden ended his first year with the lowest approval ratings ever reported by Politico during his presidency. Compared to a 40 percent approval rating, over 56 percent disapproved of Biden in the latest polls.

Nearly one-quarter of Democrats marked the Biden report card with a grade “C.”

The president has often touted the need to unite Americans, claiming Republicans’ ideology is dividing them. Biden, who campaigned heavily on uniting Americans, received an “F” grade on the question from 40 percent of the country.

However, immigration and the national debt issues also exposed Biden’s vulnerabilities, with Americans in great numbers declaring he failed on these problems.

Biden defended his presidency in a press conference

During his press conference, Joe Biden also defended his performance during his first year in office, despite declining poll numbers and a popular perception that he failed on various matters.

Refusing to accept that he “overpromised” during his campaign, Biden noted that he “overperformed” instead, while vowing that he would “stay on track” going forward.

Amid raging COVID cases, Biden claimed his administration achieved “enormous progress” on COVID tackling and the numbers of deaths are coming down.

Meanwhile, Biden lost his composure during his press conference when a reporter asked him a question regarding his weird analogy of equating Republicans with reviled figures of American history in his voting rights speech.

Philip Wegman of RealClearNews grilled Biden on the matter, on which Biden interrupted the reporter, raised his voice, and yelled at him that his comments were perceived wrongly.

After his controversial voting rights speech last week, Biden added fuel to the fire by tweeting and calling Republicans “Jim Crow 2.0.”

Apart from touting his own presidency, Biden also admitted his failure on some fronts, noting he should have done more COVID testing earlier.

The president also blamed Russia for its foreign policy against Ukraine, stating the former Cold War foe is likely to invade Ukraine. Claiming that Russia would pay a massive price for invading its neighbor, Biden stated Putin would regret his decision if he went that route.

Biden’s first-year press conference came at a time when inflation is touching a record high, and the country is suffering from a supply chain crisis induced by the pandemic.

Since the November 2 Scotland Climate Summit, this is the first time Biden has taken questions from the full White House press corps.