Biden-era Policies Fail to Address 17 Million Jobless Americans

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As certain communities and economic sectors reopen, more and more Americans are getting back to work. News that particular states are also lifting the capacity limitations previously imposed upon businesses is additionally conducive to more Americans being (re)hired.

While some previously-unemployed Americans have returned to work, there are still millions more who are struggling. Some lost their jobs permanently and are now working to stay afloat as they seek employment elsewhere.

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The Biden administration has talked about the importance of “building back better,” yet the policies to come from this Democrat president aren’t in line with this. As a matter of fact, Breitbart News confirms that the 46th president is doing very little to get the current 17 million jobless Americans back to work.

Unemployment Under the Biden Administration

Despite the high praises that the left is singing about the American Rescue Plan, the unemployment crisis under the Biden administration is very real. Millions of Americans still seek good-paying jobs that they can rely upon to support themselves and their families.

Big business and corporate enterprises are two sectors reporting labor shortages; however, these sectors appear more interested in hiring foreign workers than U.S. citizens. The reason for this is obviously cheap labor benefits; meanwhile, the Biden administration just finishing revoking protections that shield U.S. jobs from foreign competition.

The aspect of foreign workers being likelier than Americans to get hired in the aforementioned sectors is just one example, though. President Biden furthermore bears responsibility for reducing energy and union jobs, a matter he’s faced criticism for over the past several weeks.

Bringing Back a Thriving Economy

Prior to COVID-19, the economy under the Trump administration thrived like never before. Under the Biden administration, millions are jobless, the U.S. Southern border faces multiple crises, and gas prices are climbing.

Getting Americans back to work is imperative to an economy that grows and thrives. Unfortunately, however, the Biden administration is failing to prioritize American workers and American jobs. Meanwhile, the White House has the backing of Democrat lawmakers who control Congress and will rubber-stamp everything coming from this administration.

What is your view of the current president’s management of unemployment in America? Do you believe that Biden is hurting or helping American workers and the U.S. economy? We want to get your thoughts, feedback, and concerns in the comments section below.