Biden Finally Announced Large Scale Operation at the Southern Border

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) announced the latest border policy to counter illegal immigration, specifically directed to stop immigrants’ influx from Venezuela. 

Under the new border program, the Biden administration will take a variety of measures in collaboration with Mexico to tackle the rising illegal immigration at the southern border.

Dems Acknowledged Border Crisis Just Before the Midterm Elections

Reportedly, the Biden administration is looking to increase the number of checkpoints in the bordering areas, pouring in more resources to counter human smuggling and return Venezuelan immigrants to Mexico.

Both Mexico and the United States will also share important information regarding the presence of cartels in the bordering areas. Likewise, information about the activities of transnational criminals on both sides of the border will also be shared.

Usually, criminal gangs use stash houses near bordering areas, from where they transport illegal immigrants from Mexico to the United States. So, Mexico and the US are seeking to eliminate those gangs by sharing intelligence.

Meanwhile, the Biden administration will immediately return Venezuelan illegal immigrants to Mexico until they apply for a newly launched parole system.

As per the DHS, the new parole system is specifically designed for illegal immigrants from Venezuela and will only entertain 24,000 immigrants.

Only those Venezuelans who have financial supporters will be eligible for the parole system in the United States.

Likewise, all Venezuelans who want to enter America must pass biometric and other screening tests and get themselves vaccinated for coronavirus. A similar program was announced for Ukrainian immigrants earlier this year.

New Policy Will Majorly Stop Venezuelan Illegal Immigrants

Previously, the United States was unable to return Venezuela’s illegal immigrants despite the presence of Title 42 restrictions; this was introduced to authorize law enforcement to send immigrants back under health protocols.

The lack of diplomatic relations between the US and Venezuela, coupled with Mexico’s consistent refusal to absorb the influx of Venezuelan immigrants, intensified the problems for America.

This inability of the United States to push Venezuelan migrants back urged many Venezuelans to come to the United States illegally. In August only, almost 25,000 illegal immigrants from Venezuela entered America, compared to only 6,000 in August last year.

All Venezuelans who have already been deported from America will be ineligible for the parole program. In addition to that, every Venezuelan who now crosses into America or Mexico will also be rendered ineligible for parole.

Similarly, Venezuelan nationals who have residential status in other countries will not be able to enter America under the parole system.

The latest mutual policy of the US and Mexico came at a time when the American border crisis was touching at an unprecedented level.

For a long time, the incumbent administration refused to accept the border crisis, but the latest step suggests Democrats have finally acknowledged the problem.

According to DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, these latest steps are taken to ensure that immigrants only enter America in a legal way.