Biden Goes to Texas Following Fatal Winter Storms

During the latter part of this month, Texas has faced a series of challenges. These challenges stem from the winter storms that interfered with power grids, utilities, and other basic necessities.

Since the Texas storms, GOP Governor Greg Abbott, FEMA, the Texas National Guard, and others have worked to help communities heal. Likewise, Texans are working to recuperate, get back on track, and bounce back from the damage caused.

“Col. Pannell attends VP Biden’s visit to” (Public Domain) by USACE HQ

President Joe Biden waited days and days after the storms wreaked havoc before even publicly addressing the situation in Texas. On Friday, though, the 46th president traveled down to Texas, amid recovery efforts from the winter storms, Breitbart News reports.

What to Know About Biden’s Visit to Texas

Yesterday, Biden visited Houston to observe the post-Texas storms’ aftermath. The Texas GOP governor, local Texas officials, Democrats in Congress, and even a few GOP Texas senators joined the president.

While delivering public remarks, Biden declared that the U.S. federal government will be “true partners” to Texans as they work to heal from this month’s storms. The Democrat president furthermore asserted that he’ll provide federal aid to the Lone Star State.

During Biden’s time in Texas, he visited a food bank, a FEMA site for COVID-19 vaccination, and worked with volunteers striving to help the community. During remarks before the public, Biden also seized the opportunity to push social distancing, mask-wearing, and getting vaccinated against coronavirus.

An Unwanted Visit?

Many Texans were not thrilled about the Democrat president coming to their state.

Conservatives in both Texas and other parts of the country have criticized Biden’s reaction to the storms in the Lone Star State. The days and days that the Democrat president let pass before even openly addressing the storm didn’t sit well with many Americans.

Since Biden’s visit to the Lone Star State, a good amount of conservatives still aren’t impressed. Some have even stated that Biden’s visit to Texas was about politics and appearances rather than genuine concern.

The good news is that many people in Texas are bouncing back and getting the necessary help for recovery steps.

What did you think about Joe Biden’s visit to the Lone Star State yesterday? Were you impressed with his public statements? What do you think motivated him to visit Texas? Be sure to let us know your thoughts about the visit in the comments section below.