Biden Has Been Warned of an Imminent ISIS-K Attack

The undersecretary of the Department of Defense gave President Biden a warning of an imminent attack from the ISIS-K terrorist group on U.S. soil.

Department of Defense undersecretary warned Biden terrorists are accumulating power

Undersecretary Colin Kahl of the Department of Defense gave a shocking warning to President Biden. Kahl stated ISIS-K is continuing to advance its power and an attack against the United States is imminent.

The warning was made by Kahl during his testimony before the Senate Armed Services Committee. The Department of Defense undersecretary emphasized how the terrorist group is accumulating enough power to charge against the United States.

He then added the terrorist group will have the power to attack within six to twelve months’ time.

Although the Taliban promised they will not let terrorist groups use Afghanistan as a hub to charge against any country, the Taliban themselves are not reliable enough to be trusted.

It should be noted this is not the first time President Biden has been warned of a possible terrorist attack against the United States. Recently, top military official Mark Milley likewise made a similar warning, urging the president to be more proactive with his stance against the terrorist groups.

However, Biden is very nonchalant about the situation, as he continues to ignore experts’ opinions over and over again.

Amid the botched and hasty withdrawal of the United States military from Afghanistan, the Biden administration left extremist groups more breathing space to move and roam around.

In addition to this, thousands of U.S. military pieces of machinery and supplies were likewise left in the war-torn country, available for the terrorists to use. Undersecretary Kahl encouraged Biden to boost the security capability of the United States in order to be more prepared for any potential attacks.

Kahl added that seeing the Taliban forces advance against the United States could boost the morale of other terrorist groups, particularly ISIS-K, which serves as one of the primary threats against the United States.

Kahl: terrorist groups are posing a great threat to the U.S. and other countries

The undersecretary stated if these terrorist groups are left unwatched, they could start recruiting more people. This will pose a more severe threat, not only to the United States, but to other countries as well.

Although Kohl stated the country is far better prepared for any terrorist attack than it was back in 2001, a deadly attack against our nation should never be a choice.

Despite the series of warnings given by Pentagon officials, Biden is not taking any significant action as the radical terrorist groups continue to advance power. This stance of Biden has been proven faulty when the relaxed behavior claimed 13 U.S. military lives and the lives of hundreds of innocent Afghan civilians.