Biden’s Last Chance to Save the World

Republican Congressman Scott Perry from Pennsylvania told Joe Biden it is still not “too late” to stop China from invading Taiwan, even after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

After a tiny break for the Winter Olympics, China has once again started invading the airspace of Taiwan.

Biden has a last opportunity to stop China from invading Taiwan

Speaking in a Fox News interview, Perry labeled Biden’s presidency as “abject failure,” adding the administration’s failed energy policies are one of the reasons Russia became more aggressive under Biden’s presidency.

According to him, the Biden administration stopped producing energy, which the world needed. This ultimately increased energy prices, hence helping Russia in getting the upper hand in the oil markets.

Perry noted Russia is making 40 to 50 percent of its money via fossil fuels dependency at the same time the United States is pulling itself out of the very same market.

Apart from that, Perry claimed Biden’s weak foreign policy rhetoric was the other major reason for the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The congressman suggested Russia saw the chaotic withdrawal of Afghanistan, coupled with the weak US foreign policy in the rest of the world, which helped Putin in making his decisions.

China warned America not to interfere in its internal affairs

With Russian aggression in Ukraine, there is a common perception that it could embolden the likes of China to perpetuate the same sort of policy in Taiwan. However, Perry thinks Biden can still avert the imminent danger coming from China.

Russia downplayed weak sanctions by the United States; it helped Vladimir Putin in neglecting Biden’s voice, Perry suggested.

Thus, he claimed China is making an assessment right now of the possible consequences of invading Taiwan and how the United States could react to the whole situation.

However, if Biden fails to act promptly, the Chinese invasion of Taiwan would only be a matter of time. Meanwhile, nine Chinese aircraft violated the aerial boundaries of Taiwan and entered its airspace.

This prompted the Defense Department of the United States to issue a response that America is “concerned”  about Chinese military actions in the airspace of Taiwan.

The spokesman of the Defense Department also noted the United States is willing to resolve the China-Taiwan issue, according to the wishes of Taiwan people, confirming not doing so risks regional stability and peace.

China violated Taiwan’s airspace on January 23 last time. After that, it took a small break during the Winter Olympics so its warring activities do not raise objections to the games.

Like Russia, Chinese officials have already indicated the country will not tolerate any foreign interference in the issue.

According to the spokesman of Chinese Defense Ministry Tan Kefei, the US must stay away from the internal affairs of China, signaling it is time to solve the Taiwan issue once and for all.