Biden Has Serious Reasons Why He Won’t Dare Confront China Over COVID Issues

"Vice President Biden Raises a Toast in Honor of Chinese President Xi at a State Luncheon at the State Department" (United States government work) by U.S. Department of State

In a recent Rasmussen report, almost 70% of Americans believe that coronavirus originated in a laboratory in China. 

As more evidence surfaced that the virus probably originated in a laboratory, Americans want answers, and they want the President to give them the real story behind it. As China continues to interfere with the investigation of its origins, U.S. voters want Biden to speak up and stand up against China. 

However, Joe Biden cannot do that.

Joe Biden needs China.

President Biden needs China. He needs the Chinese ruler Xi Jinping to assist him in marketing his radical climate proposal to Americans. All that Xi Jinping has to do is make some sort of climate vows on behalf of China, no matter how insincere it is. 

The truth is, China’s gas emission is double that of the United States, and it is growing fast. 

Biden will have a hard time asking Americans to stop using the United States’ abundant and efficient energy industries and shift to invest in trillions of dollars higher-cost renewable and pay higher electricity rates. At the same time, China keeps building more coal-fired power plants. 

However, there is an added reason why Biden cannot stand up against China. The communist country more likely holds a compromising material against the Biden family. 

Biden family’s business deals raised criminal concerns

A probe to Biden family’s overseas business deals was made by the Senate Finance and Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs. The probe looked into the Biden family’s business deals before and after Joe Biden served as the vice president.

Accordingly, the investigation concluded that Hunter Biden and his family’s financial transactions with Russia, Ukraine, Kazakh, and China raise criminal matters and extortion threats.

Then a report further specified that Hunter Biden had business relations with Chinese nationals linked to the People’s Liberation Army and the communist government. These business associations and questionable transactions resulted in millions of dollars. 

Federal prosecutors in Delaware, together with the FBI and IRS Criminal Investigation agency, are looking into whether Joe Biden’s son violated money laundering laws in conducting his business deals with foreign countries, particularly China. 

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party is already trying to find ways to divert the political damage that could arise from Americans’ suspicion of China’s role in the pandemic. 

Hunter Biden and his million dollars business deals

Some of the financial transactions that Hunter Biden did were in 2017, after his father’s term as the vice president.

However, in 2013, Hunter flew to China together with his father, abode Air Force Two. They meet an investment banker in the name of Jonathan Li. Then 12 days later, a private equity fund was registered, with Li as the CEO and Hunter Biden, a board member holding a 10% stake. 

“026-P20210219AS-0986-2” (United States government work) by The White House

The registered firm by Li was controlled and was mainly funded by Chinese government-owned entities. They also placed over $2 billion in investment with different industrial firms over the past years. Access to favorable deals has also been provided.

According to the Wall Street Journal report, Hunter holds a 10% stake through Skaneateles LLC. A company named after Hunter’s late mother’s hometown. 

Despite these troubling details, the mainstream media ignored the story. It only came to light after Hunter’s business partner, Tony Bobulinski speak up. Together with the emails retrieved from Hunter’s laptop, the authenticity of which was never denied.