Biden Not Happy with GOP’s Move to Tighten Voting Rules


On Tuesday, in a fiery address, Biden called out Republican lawmakers to defend voting rights and stop promoting laws that tighten voting rules. 

Biden urged Republicans “for God’s sake” to stop efforts to “undermine” the right to vote

During the address at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia, Biden called out Republican officials. He asked them to take a stance “for God’s sake” and prevent the effort to allegedly “undermine” elections and Americans’ right to vote. 

In his speech, Biden is apparently referring to Republicans’ move to enforce tighter restrictions on voting laws after the 2020 election, wherein some Republicans maintained that the mail-in voting left some room for fraud. 

Biden then added that the recent election was the most scrutinized election in American history; this comes in an apparent reference to the legal cases and recounts all across the country. The Democrat president then added that neither cause nor evidence was found to impair the achievement of offering a historic election. 

Biden then made a remark, saying “that big lie” is nothing more than a big lie. This phrase is the favored line of Trump that he repeatedly used last Saturday at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Meanwhile, civil rights groups are pressing Biden to work with Congress and pass the “For the People Act” as well as the “Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act” to go against what they believe are coordinated attacks against minority voters. 

White House boosted counterattacks as 17 states introduced voting regulations

As Trump reappears on the political scene and as Republican lawmakers in 17 states launch 28 new election-related laws, the White House boosted its counterattacks. 

Previously, Biden tapped Kamala Harris to lead the voting rights movement in June. Last week, she also revealed the $25 million Democratic National Committee initiative which is mainly focused on the midterm elections in 2022. 

The Democratic initiative named “I Will Vote Campaign” will push an effort to educate American voters about the new voting laws. It will also register voters and encourage them to turn out the same massive numbers that were seen last presidential election. 

Biden added that in the United States if you lose, all you have to do is to accept the results, follow the Constitution, and then try to run again. He then made comments in an apparent reference to Trump’s movements, saying that you do not call the facts fake and then bring an “American Experiment” because you are not happy with the results. 

Biden continued, saying that the Democracy in 2020 was “put to a test”. He added that it was put to test due to the “extraordinary courage” of lawmakers and most of them are Republicans.

Biden then claimed that back then, American democracy was ultimately maintained.