Biden is Now Supporting Radical Left Ideologies

Far-left Congresswoman Alexandria-Ocasio Cortez claimed capitalism is “not a redeemable system” for America, noting it always preaches about the “pursuit of profit.”

Meanwhile, Joe Biden also promised to reform capitalism, despite claiming he is a capitalist himself.

AOC attacked the ideological foundations of America

In her bid to shake the ideological foundations of the American economy, AOC noted people tend to use words like capitalism in a way that becomes sensationalized.

Speaking to Yahoo Finance’s Andy Serwer during his “influencers” show, the liberal politician stated capitalism is a pursuit of profit at the expense of humans, the environment, and social welfare.

The progressive lawmaker, who is also a member of Democratic Socialists of America, believes a tiny amount of capitalists control important resources of America.

Likewise, she suggested these capitalists do not only control American labor, but also the markets and governments, as well. Thus, the congresswoman mentioned in the presence of all these pitfalls of capitalism, it is surely not a redeemable system for the majority of Americans.

She went on to suggest an overhaul of the American system, noting it is time to find “alternative ways of doing businesses.”

While touting her socialist agenda, she claimed it is possible to give more power to workers by controlling businesses and reining in ways of production, trade, and selling goods.

She also asserted Congress members should be banned from trading stocks. This came at a time when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was pushed into troubled waters for helping her spouse make fortunes through stock trading.

Similarly, she backed the idea of breaking Facebook into smaller entities, claiming there are so many reasons to do it.

Included in these reasons is the fact that Facebook is now running multiple industries in a single platform; they are acting as advertisers and vendors simultaneously, the congresswoman said.

Biden just promised to revamp the capitalist system

AOC’s comments came on the same day Biden touted the job growth numbers under his administration and said he is a capitalist.

Despite claiming to be a capitalist, Biden noted he will do everything in his power to force the capitalist system to “work better.” Reportedly, he is eyeing to tax big corporations, but the proposals are stalled in Congress.

AOC, who strongly supports COVID mandates, was spotted in Florida maskless. When her photos went viral without a mask, she responded to the controversy, stating Republicans want to date her and that is why they criticize her.

A few days later, she tested positive for the virus. She even encouraged Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer to make the life of moderate Senator Krysten Sinema “as difficult as possible.” 

When Joe Manchin claimed the social spending bill was now dead, AOC took to Twitter and asked the senator if people who were feeling cold because of the stalled bill should stay in his private yacht.