Biden is the New Punching Bag of AOC

Radical left Congresswoman AOC is making her name in politics by going against the president of her own party, Joe Biden. 

For a large part of her political career until now, AOC opposed Biden, who has tried to distance himself from the far-left narrative.

Socialist AOC as Anti-Biden as It Can Get

AOC’s opposition to Biden started from the day of Biden’s inauguration. The socialist congresswoman skipped the presidential inauguration and attended a socialist rally in her constituency in New York City.

Even in the 2020 presidential election, AOC supported Biden’s socialist competitor, Bernie Sanders, and expressed her disappointment when the progressive senator withdrew his presidential nomination.

AOC’s campaign against Biden can be traced to her connections with a progressive Political Action Committee, The Justice Democrats.

Before becoming a congresswoman, AOC was part of the board of directors for the Justice Democrats, an organization that previously claimed they are trying to take over Democrats, instead of becoming a part of the political party.

In her congressional votes, AOC has not been reluctant to vote against Biden’s political agenda.

For instance, she voted against the infrastructure bill, alongside five other squad members who opposed the bill as well. The said bill was supposed to allocate $100 billion to AOC’s home state, New York.

Democratic politicians have also slammed AOC for her rising inclination towards socialism, which is urging her to spearhead the progressive wave in America.

According to Democratic city councilman Robert Holden, AOC is promoting socialism in the United States at a time when most folks in socialist countries are entering America as illegal immigrants through the southern border.

Holden also added that AOC is trying to destroy everything in America by supporting socialism.

AOC Even Unlikely to Back Biden in 2024

Even though Biden announced to forgive student loans recently, which AOC wanted him to do, the progressive congresswoman still managed to slam the president.

In her Instagram story, AOC noted the Biden administration did not want to forgive student loans, but the popular pressure urged him to do it.

Likewise, AOC previously lashed out at Biden for not supporting abortion rights. When Biden was a senator, he backed the Hyde Amendment, which stopped federal funding for abortion access; so the controversial Democrat also criticized Biden for that.

During her recent interview with CNN, AOC even refused to back Biden for the 2024 presidential election. When the interviewer asked her if she would support Biden’s reelection, AOC stated she would see when the elections arrive.

Some Democratic strategists even accused progressive politicians of opposing Biden like Republicans are doing. 

One veteran campaign strategist of the Democrat Party, James Carville, stated AOC is only focused on posting things on social media, while she has nothing to offer in reality.

Carville further added all progressives are going against Biden as if they are supporting Republicans.