Biden Using U.S. Military for His “Woke Agenda”

Republican investigations concluded the U.S. military spent almost six million man-hours to implement Biden’s woke agenda across the military.

This came at a time when the US is at odds with global powers like Russia and China.

Biden is politicizing the US military

On November 4, 2021, the ranking member of the Senate Armed Service Committee, Sen. Jim Inhofe, led 11 Republicans in writing a letter to the chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley.

The letter stated Biden’s far-left political agenda is straining the resources of the military and “devastating” the morale of the institution.

This, Republicans claimed, is discouraging the military from being prepared for rising threats from China, Iran, Russia, and some terror organizations.

Thus, Republican lawmakers asked Milley to give a detailed account of man-hours and financial costs which the Department of Defense is bearing in implementing Biden’s liberal agenda.

Fox News obtained the response of Gen. Mark Milley, which suggests almost 5.3 million man-hours were consumed in the military over such discussions; it cost the institution a hefty sum of $535,000.

Milley wrote this is equal to almost two hours of every service member in the military of almost 2.46 million.

The letter mentioned that nearly $477,000 was spent on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) training. Similarly, over $5,000 and 1,000 man-hours were also spent to incorporate Biden’s climate adaptation plan.

These shocking numbers have triggered Republicans’ backlash, not only against the Biden administration, but also the military establishment.

While issuing the response letter of Gen. Milley, Inhofe, alongside 11 Republicans of the Armed Services Committee, accused the DOD of wasting crucial resources at a time when relations with other global powers were deteriorating.

In their letter, senators remarked the United States is facing a slate of threats all over the world. Meanwhile, counter-terrorism planning of the country against rising extremism is still lacking.

Taxpayers’ money should not be wasted on political agendas

While defending the character of military servicemembers, senators said American soldiers are not extremists, but they are dedicated and patriotic people.

Mentioning the December report of DOD, Republicans noted “fewer than 100” military members have been found engaging in extremist activities in the last year.

This suggests that just to detect one case, the institution is spending almost 54,000 hours of training, which is a sheer waste of resources.

In addition to that, the GOP lawmakers claimed instead of recruiting new forces and equipping them with the latest technology, using taxpayers’ money to promote a highly partisan agenda is not a sane approach.

Likewise, they claimed since the primary goal of the military is to defend Americans from foreign threats, the administration should use the institution for the same purpose.

Otherwise, the GOP will use every tool at its disposal to bring the institution back on track.